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November 6, 2011

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: Went back to the bad habits I've had this year with the right foot coming up and I just couldn't control it on the back nine. I did an unbelievable job of grinding it out and saving pars on the back nine. Just annoyed I couldn't continue the golf I had on the front. The golf I had on the front side was great and it would have put me in the mix and maybe given me an opportunity to win.

Q. Thoughts on Martin?
PAUL CASEY: Very solid, very impressive. Yeah, he didn't flinch. It was very good stuff from him.
I was cruising along, and even -- after I chipped in for the world's best five on the par 5, even Craig said, come on -- sometimes you need something like that to happen when you end up winning golf tournaments. But I just didn't hit the shots I wanted to hit.
But, you know, I wasn't really paying too much attention to the scoreboard. So when Martin started -- when he birdied 10 and he birdied 11, and then he birdied 12, it was, hang on, I just need to -- I'm not worrying about anybody else on this golf course, because he's the danger man, which he proved to be.

Q. Do you still feel that at the beginning of the year, your foot will be well enough?
PAUL CASEY: Yes. I'm saying yes.

Q. You've got three weeks off now?
PAUL CASEY: Got three weeks off which is a pretty good rest. I'm really going to rest it. I probably won't play golf for two weeks.

Q. Do you expect your toe to be pretty much healed?
PAUL CASEY: That's what I'm expecting. That's what I'm banking on.

Q. Do conditions like this, I mean specific conditions, wet conditions, where your foot sinks into the ground more, does that --
PAUL CASEY: Not really. Walking uphill is extremely aggravating for it. But it's not too bad around here. I got a little bit tired out there and I just went back into the habit, the bad habits I got into this year, because of the foot and swinging that way, and when I swing it that way, there's no way of controlling the golf ball. So that was the biggest thing.
I'm sure if I went to the range now, I could get back in a bit of a groove in 20 minutes and go back out there and play the sort of golf I played on the front nine.
But that's what pressure -- that's what golf tournaments are all about. That's what golf is all about is finding your weaknesses it highlights those. It was just an impressive performance not to drop a shot on the back nine (chuckling).

Q. I presume that this kind of position at the start of the week, you might have taken it?
PAUL CASEY: Yes, but you know me, and I didn't win the golf event. Although I had a very good week.
You know, I played very good stuff considering how I played on Tuesday and Wednesday. I battled a little bit. I have found a little bit of a golf swing. Just poured my heart out out there. It showed with the par saves I had on the back nine. But obviously, you know, front row seat for Martin Kaymer today, watching, that because that was a brilliant performance he had today.

Q. Were you thinking, that could have been me?
PAUL CASEY: Always. We are all competitors out here. We all think, yeah, you know, if I had done this, if I had done, that if I had played the golf that I played on the front nine and continued that to the back nine, I would have given him a run for his money and who is to say he would have come out on top. Maybe neither of us; it's golf, can't predict these things.
A little bit frustrated how good it was on the front nine and how good it was earlier in the week to not be able to conjure up that same form coming down the stretch.
.nonetheless very happy, my golf is coming around and going the direction I want it to go. I would love to finish the season out with a win. I have two more events, Chevron in California and Race to Dubai, Dubai World Championship, and try to get a victory in one of those two, and if not, have a fantastic 2012.
It would be nice to sort of book end, a win in Bahrain at the beginning of the year and a win at the end of the year would be really nice but I've got to see the big picture and that is get healthy. My toe actually hurts right now. And just get back to playing the golf I know I'm capable of.

Q. So you're not 100 per cent, maybe 80, a work-in-progress?
PAUL CASEY: It's a work-in-progress and I can manage it now. The biggest thing today is that I went back to the swing errors which I've made this year because of the toe. And you know, those habits have been in grained and I need to get out of it. I have three weeks off after this, rest the toe, get it healthy as good as it can be, and ingrain my old, good swing and that alone actually helps protect it. Bad habits only make it worse.
Yeah, I'm very positive about things and looking forward to things.

Q. Front row seat; very good show?
PAUL CASEY: Very impressive, yeah. He's a mate of mine. We play at the same club back in Arizona when we are both out in the States. Very impressive. You know, he's a great golfer. He didn't flinch out there today. He was very focussed and you know, I would love to have given him a run for his money coming down the stretch but there was nothing -- I had nothing left in the tank unfortunately.

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