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November 4, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. 66, your thoughts at the end of that?
PAUL CASEY: Quite happy with that. One of best rounds of golf I've had in a long time. Everything was very solid. Apart from covering myself in mud on the par 5 on the back nine, it was a fairly good scorecard.

Q. Good tail to be told from the splattering?
PAUL CASEY: Doesn't do my hat justice, does it. No, I didn't quite catch my 3-wood going into the 14th hole, the par 5, and the ball slid down the bank into the hazard and I elected to play it, which resulted in a bogey. I had to get out of the hazard and covered myself in some Shanghai mud.

Q. As far as the stage of the year you're at, feels like a corner has been turned, doesn't it?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, very much so. You know, Ryder Cup points are already starting and things like, that there's a lot to play for. And this is a WGC event. So, yeah, the season's not over yet. Although I kind of feel like I'm working towards next year already. And the golf I played today is the golf I remember playing. It's just been a while since I last played it.

Q. Has that really been down to the problems that you've had with your foot?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, swing key this week, I'm really maintaining a spine angle. I was sliding off the ball a little bit and trying to keep that right foot down as long as possible, and that's just something I haven't been doing. And if I keep it down, actually it helps the pain as well. Doesn't hurt as much. And it makes a massive difference. I can suddenly control where the golf ball is going, so it's down to that.

Q. How much of a boost is it to be sitting on the leaderboard where you are at the moment, heading into the weekend at such a big event?
PAUL CASEY: It's big. Haven't been on top of many leaderboards lately. I did have a win in Korea a few weeks ago. Wasn't a stacked field as it is here this week. We had good players in the field like K.J. Choi, and I played some very, very good golf, but this is another level. The world's best are here this week.
I like being on top of these leader boards. I just want to be on top of this leaderboard when Sunday finishes.
Been playing a lot better. Today was good, really good. And felt relaxed on the course, as well. Enjoyed it. I don't like struggling. It's not enjoyable.
I didn't enjoy -- you should have seen the rest of my attire. I had the rain jacket on. The jacket is the same colour as the mud.

Q. Feeling more relaxed?
PAUL CASEY: No, just stressed about the injury and the pain, and you know, when you're standing on the tee and unsure of where the golf ball is going to go, that's not exactly a nice, relaxing feeling.
And it's a vicious cycle. You're worried about where it's going to go, so you start to steer it, and you're trying to steer it and that leads to more problems. You've got to be able to just trust it and actually swing freely and not worry about consequences of where the ball might end up.

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