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October 28, 2011

Dana Altman

Garrett Sim


DAVE HIRSCH: Up next, Oregon coach Dana Altman and senior guard Garrett Sim.
COACH ALTMAN: Like everybody this time of year, we're excited about our season. We've got a lot of new faces on our team this year. We have eight new scholarship athletes combined with the five guys that returned from a year ago.
So we like our increased athleticism. We like our increased depth. It will take some time for us to gel as a team. I think team chemistry's going to be important. But I like the direction that our guys are heading. We're having a good first two weeks of camp, and hopefully that will continue.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Jabari Brown and your expectation of him and if he's going to be able to play right away?
COACH ALTMAN: Well, Jabari's a very talented young man. We took a trip to Italy in August, and Jabari was our leading scorer, so he can score baskets. He's working very hard at all phases of the game. He'll definitely play for us, and will play a significant role. How much is still to be determined.
But he is a very talented young man. Can definitely score baskets, shoots it well from the perimeter, getting better at putting it on the floor and getting to the basket and making plays for his teammates. So I think he's got a bright future and been very easy to work with.

Q. When you came back from Italy, you seemed a little unsure of your point guard play and who might play that position. Has that settled itself down at all since then?
COACH ALTMAN: Well, I think we have a lot of competition going there. Garrett will probably get the first opportunity. Johnny Loyd is back from a year ago, and he did a nice job as a freshman, and he's made some big steps. I like the work he's done in the off-season.
Devoe Joseph will become eligible December 10th. He'll miss our first six games, but I think he can play some point for us. So we lost Malcolm Armstead at the end of last year, but I like our other prospects. I think our guys will do a good job.
Garrett's had time there and Johnny, like I said, had the experience from a year ago, and Devoe has played for Minnesota, played for Tubby, and has a good feel for the game. So those three guys will do a great job for us, I'm sure.

Q. Garrett, as one of the five returning players, what is the challenge or the difficulty in incorporating eight new players on to your team?
GARRETT SIM: It's definitely tough to come together with eight new guys, but I think the trip to Italy helped a little bit, helped us realize what we need to work on, and helped us realize we need to play together a little bit more.
But we've been doing that throughout practice, and we're going to keep developing and keep getting comfortable with each other.
But the five returning guys are trying to get everyone caught up to speed with the offense and everything, but I think we'll come together pretty well.

Q. Garrett, with all of the new players, how has the personality of the team changed both on and off the court?
GARRETT SIM: I think it's a fun group. Off the court we definitely get along, and a lot of joking and talking. But on the court, we definitely need to play together.
It's a talented group, and I think we've just got to establish roles and kind of settle into those roles. I think the potential for this group is through the roof.

Q. Being a senior and from Oregon, what are your expectations for the team this season?
GARRETT SIM: I think our goals are much higher than last year. Last year we were finished dead last in every poll, and this year I think people are expecting some things. So we're just trying to compete.
We feel we have the talent to compete with every team, so we definitely want to turn that into wins, and I want to definitely leave the University of Oregon on a good note. Leaving the program in the right direction would be a very important goal for myself and as a team to just try and get as many wins as possible.

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