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October 19, 2011

Tony La Russa


Texas Rangers 2
St. Louis Cardinals 3

Q. Talk a little bit about Carp tonight and what a great performance by him.
TONY LA RUSSA: It was a great performance. They're a great hitting team. If you don't make a lot of pitches, they're going to bang you around. I thought early in the game as close as it was, for both pitchers the balls were very slick. They were having a little gripping thing but both of them just competed, and they both did a good job. The thing about Carp, he was exactly what we needed.

Q. Would you talk about the play that Albert made behind the bag on Young there with two outs and a runner on third in the top of the sixth, big play in the game.
TONY LA RUSSA: I enjoy talking about it because he's just not a great hitter, he's a great player. You'll see him do something on the bases. Defensively he's a Gold Glover several times now and he's clutch. He knows exactly who the runner is, who the hitter is, the situation. He's so aware of how the game is being played. That's the play of the game, really, for us. And Carp getting over -- Young is a good runner, so Carp getting over to first base is the second part of that good play.

Q. How impressive is it for Allen Craig to be sitting on the bench in a cold weather game and come through in a clutch?
TONY LA RUSSA: Cold weather game, sitting on the bench, World Series, Ogando, it's not a very good situation, but he's got a history in our system. That's why we like him so much. He's got a history of taking great at-bats, especially runners in scoring position, so he should have a really great career.

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