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October 14, 2011

Heath Slocum


Q. Not a great start to the round, but nice finish.
HEATH SLOCUM: It felt -- well, it was a little disconcerting to kind of get off to that start. That's not the start I wanted. I knew it was going to be a tough day with the wind, and I knew it was going to continue to blow. I made a big putt on 13 for par, and from there, it kind of -- things started turning around, and I made some putts. Made a couple birdies to get back to even, then turned on the front nine and played great, made a couple really good par saves, and hit some good shots, made some birdies. It felt good to play some good golf and try and get myself back in this golf tournament.

Q. How important was it to sort of stay within shouting distance?
HEATH SLOCUM: Well, that was the goal after yesterday. I was like, all right, let's just put a good round on the board. I did today, wind or no wind, I don't know what it's going to do this afternoon, but I played good, and that was kind of my goal was at least, look, give yourself a chance on the weekend to see if you can't catch them.

Q. You've heard the line about the golf course fits my eye. This is clearly a golf course that fits your eye. What does that mean?
HEATH SLOCUM: I mean, you can say your eye, your strengths. Typically I drive the ball well, hit a lot of greens, and I get some mid-irons in my hand, not just always long irons. But I don't know, I mean, it does, it looks good. A lot of these tee shots look good off the tee, and I for sure have good visuals. I can visualize a good shot on every tee box, which helps a lot. And from there, it's just about execution.
I think I said it on Wednesday about making putts. I had some three-putts and some lag problems on Thursday, but I made putts. That's huge.

Q. How much more will you play the rest of the year?
HEATH SLOCUM: I'll play Disney.

Q. Is that it for the year?

Q. Looking forward to a break?
HEATH SLOCUM: I am. I had four weeks off that were forced, early, for the Playoffs, but this event will be four in a row, and yeah, I'll be looking forward to some time off.

Q. Putting any pressure on yourself this week to play well?
HEATH SLOCUM: I would think you do a little bit. I try to -- as easy as it is to say, I try to just go play golf and have fun with it and enjoy myself, but I'm competitive, so yeah, sure enough. You think about it for the same reason we talked about it, it's a course that I like, it's a course I feel like I can play well on, so sometimes it's just putting those expectations and getting them out of your head and just going and playing golf is when you're most successful. I want to say after a couple bogeys today that's what happened. I wasn't worried about anything other than, look, let's just go hit a good tee ball on the next, try and take little baby steps where I can worry about trying to win, and I played better.

Q. Did you play the first two Fall Series events?

Q. Why did you play all four?
HEATH SLOCUM: Well, I had four weeks off. I don't know exactly where I will on the Money List, but I was trying to improve that. I was trying to get a win. And I'm just trying to not only improve my Money List but just trying to improve my golf. The things that I'm working on, I want to put them under tournament conditions, tournament pressure. I don't know if there's any other -- for me that's the best way to get better is to go out and try to apply the stuff I'm working on for not only this year but next year and put it into play.

Q. What do you do in your downtime?
HEATH SLOCUM: I have two young girls.

Q. So you don't have any downtime?
HEATH SLOCUM: I don't have a lot of downtime anymore. I have fun being a dad now, I really do. I used to fish, and I still do a little bit with my oldest. But I don't know, I sit around and go play princess and be just as content as watching football these days. It's fun.

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