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October 7, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. You haven't really been under the gun in a golf tournament in so long. Was today that for you knowing that you had to shoot a score to play on the weekend?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the number was 64 today. That was kind of the goal. I figured if I shot 64, I'd probably be between two and four back. That was kind of my mindset going out. I had it going early there, three in a row to get to 3-under par for the day, and if we could just keep it going here, I could shoot my number.
I made a couple mistakes there at 18 and 1, but overall I'm still within seven shots of it right now.

Q. All your misses seemed to be left. I'm curious what you found.
TIGER WOODS: Well, for me a lot of it is posture. I get into my old posture, and the way I'm rotating through the ball now, that ball is going to go left, so I just need to get better posture, and when I do, I can hit a fade or a draw. I just get into these lulls where I kind of go back to my old comfort, especially out here when I'm in tournament mode and got to hit shots.

Q. What took you so long to find the right coach?
TIGER WOODS: Just had to keep working at it. It's easy to do at home. It's a little harder to do out here.

Q. Is that what you needed was the next step? Obviously you've been playing, but bringing it from home to here?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. It's always a progression. You've got to do it on the range at home and got to do it on the golf course and at home and eventually here and down the stretch and then in major championships and win those bad boys. It's a progression.

Q. Why do you think that's so far after all that you've done?
TIGER WOODS: It's because I've changed. I've made changes. You know, I've come off of injuries before in the past, but it's always been the same swing. It's pretty easy to come back to that. But when you're implementing changes, it's nice to have more competitive reps to fall back to because as of right now, I haven't had that many competitive reps with Sean.

Q. Did you like your putting today?
TIGER WOODS: I hit one bad putt today, and that was it. Every other putt was on line. I hit my lines all day, saw my lines, which was nice. I added two strips of lead on the bottom of it to add a little more weight to get the ball to the hole and fixed my posture again a little bit on the putter. When I did that, I was able to see the line. And I was struggling to see the lines yesterday, and on top of that I couldn't get the putts to the hole. It was a tough combo platter yesterday.

Q. When you're up against the side of the hill next to the cart path, why not take a drop to a flatter lie?
TIGER WOODS: It wouldn't have been flatter. My feet were flat on the cart path, but the ball was above my feet. If I go up on the hill and drop it, now my feet are on a slope. I'd have gone to the right. I wouldn't have had a chance to get to the green. At least this way I thought if I hit a good 3-iron there, I could get to the front edge.

Q. How big of a deal is it to you to have never missed consecutive cuts, and how important is it to you to keep that going?
TIGER WOODS: I don't like missing cuts, period. If I miss the cut, that means you can't win the tournament on the weekend. I've got a shot at it this weekend.

Q. Did you hit a 3-iron into 9?
TIGER WOODS: I hit 5-wood. I had 265 total.

Q. What did you hit to 8, second shot?
TIGER WOODS: I had 206 and I hit a little 5-iron.

Q. What do you think of this event?
TIGER WOODS: It's great. I mean, I think it's awesome because a lot of people are wearing Stanford. It's great to have them out here supporting, and it's been a great atmosphere.

Q. What's it like being back on the central coast? You have a lot of fans here?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I went to school not too far away from here and saw some of the -- some of the team guys out here today. It was nice to -- it's always nice to come back here and to play in front of people I know. I saw Coach out here, so it's always good.

Q. What were you happiest with today?
TIGER WOODS: I have to say -- Solty just asked, second shot at 8, because I had to take something off that 5-iron and throw it up at the same time, so that's not always the easiest thing to do, but boy, it felt good.

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