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September 30, 2011

Kevin Streelman


Q. Kevin, I'm sure you don't see two 66s as boring at all, but looking at the card, you just kind of got your birdies where they were and stayed out of trouble.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. That's exactly it. I drove it really well today and gave myself a few birdies opportunities, made a few putts. But still left some out there. I know this course you really gotta (Indiscernible).

Q. Can you lull yourself into a little bit of a sense of complacency if you played the front nine first knowing you got that little run on the back side where you can get going? And you did it today. You got going there on a round where you really didn't have much going until you got to 12.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. You can't shoot a 29 on the back side. You hope to get off to a great start, not do anything too silly. There's a couple of tee shots you gotta be a little careful about there on the front nine, but if you do what you need to and attack some pins, you can make some birdies early as well. It's going to be a fun weekend.

Q. You had a little time off, not much, during the playoff run. Did you work on anything or did you put the clubs away?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. No, I worked extremely hard actually. Started kind of getting some things with a coach lined up and really worked on some physical things that I'm excited about going forward.
Really I'm planning to get ready for 2012, and so to see things kind of click this quickly is very exciting for me.

Q. I'll bet it is. There's a big smile on your face. Are you looking forward to this weekend?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. I really am. I've got nothing to lose and I really want to start focusing not on Top 10s, but trying to win tournaments. So I want to get myself in position and have that opportunity on Sunday afternoon and see what we can do.

Q. Thanks for your time. Good luck.

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