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September 29, 2011

Michael Hoey


Q. Talk us through the 18th.
MICHAEL HOEY: We knew it was kind of in range because it was downwind and I hit a great drive. Couldn't have gotten any further than just off the front and I was thinking, just a good pace. But as soon as I hit it, it came off perfect, and tracked it all the way. There you go. Eagle, it's a bonus.

Q. So what was it, 40 feet in the end, something like that?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, probably about 40.

Q. And an eagle in front the Old Clubhouse, that's special, isn't it?
MICHAEL HOEY: With weather like this, as well, nice gallery watching. Played with Manuel and William, and we had the cameras on us so it was great.

Q. You say weather like this, it's been a glorious day, a little windy at times?
MICHAEL HOEY: It was really windy around the 11th and 12th and it was hard to par 11. It was like 4-iron, really strong in off the left and I bogeyed 11 and 12, and I was thinking, here we go again because I got off to a great start and I've been doing that recently and haven't been holding on.
But two birdies, 13, 14, two nice putts there and solid on the way in and then 18.

Q. I gather, to help the way, it's a new putter this week?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, I was using the fat grip. I won in Madeira with it, but a little more feel from the thinner gripe now. I've been working with Phil Kenyon a lot on the putting, that has helped me as well.

Q. After that start, and then to not quite have it on the greens --
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, not quite holding it on to the greens. So Phil's helped me a lot. I've got a lot of touch and feel and looking forward to the next two courses.

Q. I take it you're an old hand at this format, playing with an amateur of a long time out there, but kind of fun, isn't it.
MICHAEL HOEY: It takes your mind off how you're doing. It certainly helps me thinking about it too much. I can have a conversation with my partner, and enjoy it more and switch it off between shots.

Q. Easy to get into that rhythm and takes just that little while into the round?
MICHAEL HOEY: It is pretty slow but it's -- definitely taking the conversation away from it helps I think.

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