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August 6, 2011

Bubba Watson


Q. Start with the drive on 16. Tell me about it.
BUBBA WATSON: You know, I hit two good drives earlier in the week, and it hasn't rolled out like that. But today I guess is a little bit downwind, so it just pushed it and it rolled pretty far today.

Q. What were your perceptions of playing with Tiger today?
BUBBA WATSON: It was good. You know, I haven't played with him in a while because he's obviously been injured and out, so this is the first time playing in competition with him. We're doing our own thing. We're talking here and there, good shot, bad shot, whatever, but it was good.

Q. Did you sense frustration from him or comfort or --
BUBBA WATSON: You've got to think he's just rusty. Like if we have a winter break, we've got a three-month winter break, the first tournament you're a little rusty.
But 18 just showed how great he is. He hit some kind of a pitching wedge that sliced over that tree. That just proves that he's close, and he's obviously coming back and he's ready.

Q. You made some comments back in May that I think some people took out of context and some people thought they were critical of him.
BUBBA WATSON: It's funny that people just run with stories. But we're good friends. I hung out with him a lot, not since he's been injured, but I've hung out with him a lot. I love the man, I love him to death, and I would never say anything bad about him. He hits great shots. That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about. He saw a shot and he pulled it off on 18, over that tree and sliced the wedge. That's what everybody wants to see. You obviously want to be in the fairway and winning, but when he's in the trees he's always hitting good shots and he's always creating shots. That's what I was talking about, don't lose that ability to create shots.

Q. Do you still feel like you're still within striking distance?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, but it's got to be a low one.

Q. We talked about you being a shot maker, he's a shot maker. Is it fun, when you get in the trees you've got to come up with something? I know you don't want to be there originally, but when you pull it off, you look at another guy pulling it off and go, hey, that was cool?
BUBBA WATSON: No, it was fun. Well, it's not fun to get in the trees, but it's fun to hit shots out of the trees. It's fun to create something. Basically your clubs are your paintbrush and you're trying to paint something up there onto the green.

Q. Did you see Shot Tracker on 16?

Q. Want to take a guess?

Q. 415.
BUBBA WATSON: Nice, as long as I outdrove Tiger, that's all I care about, because he hit a good one, too.

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