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July 16, 2011

Bubba Watson


Q. Can you talk about the conditions out there this morning.
BUBBA WATSON: Very tough. That's probably the toughest I've played in. You know, with the rain coming sideways dead into us on some holes, downwind on some, but you couldn't get anything dry. For me, swinging at 125 miles an hour, my driver, it was hard to get everything dry and feel comfortable with it.
For about 15 holes it was really raining the whole time. The last few holes were getting a little bit better, so it made it a little bit easier. But the first nine holes or six holes were very difficult.

Q. Was there one hole in particular where you felt the wind or the conditions --
BUBBA WATSON: No. 8 playing with Jason Day, our backs were to the weather because it was coming straight into us. That hole, I've hit 5-iron off that tee and hit like a 9-iron into it this week. I hit driver, 5-iron and couldn't get there and stuff. It was just coming right into us. It was funny because we were talking to the fans, we mentioned to the fans on the tee, "why are y'all out here? Why aren't you watching on TV?" They love the sport that much that they're out there cheering us on.

Q. Do you consider your score a good score today?
BUBBA WATSON: For the morning wave. It looks like the leaders are teeing off and the weather is getting a little bit better. I think they're going to shoot better than that, but for our wave that were in, it was pretty good. I'm not too mad at it. There was a couple three-putts but what are you going to do in those conditions.

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