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July 14, 2011

Kyle Stanley


Q. Is this a continuation of last week?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I'm hitting the ball well and starting to putt well, so feel really good about what I'm doing.

Q. What's your experience with links golf? Pretty much limited to Walker Cup?
KYLE STANLEY: Pretty much. We have Bandon Dunes in the States. I've played there a little bit, and then the Walker Cup. But other than that I don't have too much experience on links golf. But you know, got somewhat comfortable the first few days here and adapted pretty well.

Q. What worked so well for you today do you think?
KYLE STANLEY: I putted well, I hit the ball well, and mainly I put the ball in the right spots, which is what I think you have to do out here. Bobby and I have a great game plan for this golf course, and we just executed our shots really well today.

Q. You rode the shuttle over from the Deere?

Q. Did you have clothes and whatnot packed for this?
KYLE STANLEY: I bought this in the shop and have a couple of pullovers, but other than that I wasn't really prepared for cold weather.

Q. Have you done laundry?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I've already done my laundry, so we're fine there.

Q. (Inaudible.)
KYLE STANLEY: My wedges and my putting. We've been working really, really hard on that, and we're starting to see some results there, which is nice, and I feel really good with the putter in my hands. That's taken a lot of the stress off my ball-striking. It kind of frees me up there and just kind of opens up my game, really.

Q. (Inaudible.)
KYLE STANLEY: You know, I've made a lot of cuts but haven't quite put four good rounds together until last week. When I was leading at the Honda, I wasn't quite comfortable, and then got into somewhat good position at the AT&T and didn't quite handle that as well. But I'm just trying to keep learning and just trying to keep getting better, and the biggest thing is I really, really care about what I do out on the golf course, and sometimes I care to a fault. I've just got to relax a little bit and trust in my preparation.

Q. Did you go to John Deere last week thinking you could get in here?
KYLE STANLEY: I thought you had to win until I finished, but I wasn't really thinking about it too much last week. I was just trying to take care of first things first.

Q. Did you have your passport with you?
KYLE STANLEY: I did, yeah, I did.

Q. You thought that far ahead anyway?
KYLE STANLEY: I did, yeah.

Q. What does it mean to have an excellent first round amidst the top golfers right now?
KYLE STANLEY: It's great. As I said, I didn't expect to be here, but now I am, and I just hope I can take advantage of the opportunity.

Q. You like this number obviously today?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, very happy with it.

Q. What was your first tournament with Bobby?

Q. Does it help having him on the bag? He has so much experience.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, his experience is a big help, and our personalities just click. I haven't quite felt that, as comfortable as I do with him with guys I've had previously. So I feel very fortunate to have him on the bag, and he's been a huge help to me.

Q. Talk about the charter and when you got in.
KYLE STANLEY: I got in Monday morning, played nine holes Monday afternoon, then 18 holes Tuesday. Then yesterday I played nine holes in the morning and got out of here in the afternoon and just rested.

Q. How are you feeling jet lag-wise?
KYLE STANLEY: I feel fine. It took me a day to adjust, but I'm sleeping well, and I'm pretty tired in the evenings. So sleep-wise that's good.

Q. Did they have a place for you to set up, or did you just kind of have to do that when you got here?
KYLE STANLEY: We're at this kind of like hotel/bed and breakfast in Dover about 20 minutes from here. It's awesome, food is great, room is pretty big, TV is nice. Dessert is good, too.

Q. What do you like about this course or not like about this course?
KYLE STANLEY: It's tough. I think it's a pretty tough course. Pars are good out here, and I like those setups. You've got to hit it well, you've got to putt it well. You can't bring just one or two pieces of your game; you've got to be pretty solid across the board.

Q. (Inaudible.)
KYLE STANLEY: I don't know. Good shots don't seem to get affected by the wind much. Fortunately I'm striking the ball really well right now and controlling my trajectory well, as well, so that's what you've got to do out here.

Q. Is this weather pretty common in Washington?
KYLE STANLEY: Wet, not windy. Growing up in Washington it's so wet you don't play -- you don't grow up hitting it low, you try to hit it high so you can get carry. Starting in college, I tried to start developing a little more of a controlled, lower-trajectory shot, and I've gotten pretty good at it.

Q. What were you going to be doing this week?
KYLE STANLEY: Mississippi.

Q. Do you feel comfortable out here now? Not saying you weren't in the beginning, but is that part and parcel to the good finishes lately, feel like you get along with these guys, hang with them?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I think so. Like I said, I felt that the thing that's been kind of lacking from my game has been putting and good wedge play, and once Bobby and I got together, he kind of noticed that, too. To be honest, he's pretty much been 100 percent in control of my practise, how I practise, how much, what I do, and he's right up the road from me in South Carolina, which is nice. On our off weeks he comes down there every day, and we've been working hard.
But yeah, I'm starting to feel comfortable. You can't really teach the experience-factor things, you've just got to get out here and get it. I feel like I've maybe had that transition period earlier this year.

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