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July 11, 2011

Angela Stanford


PETE KOWALSKI: We'd like to welcome Angela Stanford.

Q. Could you just tell us a little bit about your mindset going in today, knowing kind of where you were at, where the leader was at and what you needed to do to win?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, you know, knowing that you have to make three out of the last four, you know, I've done it before in the past, and fortunately they were four holes that I could have done it.
So just a little bit of a misread on 17, and I've had a hard time hitting 18 fairway all week. Six inches away from the first cut. I was still thinking about jarring it on 18 but you've got to hit the fairway.

Q. When you missed the putt on 17, did you know that it was done?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah. I mean, there's still, you know, a slight chance that you may hole it from the fairway, and that pin, I guess I could have, because it was kind of in the bowl. But, you know, yeah, you can't try to jar it on 18 to win or to tie.

Q. What was it like last night knowing? How did you prepare? What was going through your head to get yourself ready for today?
ANGELA STANFORD: I mean, really, you're so tired after a long day that I was actually just happy to be done with 14, through 14.
Actually, I said that to my caddy, If we can just get through 13 or 14 and come out this morning -- it's been beautiful every morning, so if we can be back and play these last four holes in the morning, you know, we have a chance.

Q. Did all the rain delay and all the weather delays, did that diminish this experience at all for you just because of the grind of it?
ANGELA STANFORD: No. You know going into the U.S. Opens that they're difficult. Weather, you never expect this. I have never been a part of anything like this in my life playing golf. I was going to say career.
You know, not for me. I love a U.S. Open even though -- it's a love/hate relationship.

Q. What about the course itself, the Broadmoor? Can you compare that on a scale of difficulty? Is it one of the more difficult courses you've played on?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I would definitely say as Opens go, I would say in the top five. Just because you have to think about the elevation or the altitude. You have to think about the greens. You still have to hit the fairway because the rough was pretty thick. I would definitely say top five toughest.

Q. Do you find yourself a little bit more dehydrated than normal? What did you do to combat the altitude and the hilly course?
ANGELA STANFORD: They say beer is good for you. (Smiling.) Carbs. No, I didn't have that much beer.
You just try to drink water. I don't think you can drink enough water. I do feel better at the end of the week than at the beginning. I finally feel adjusted and we're leaving today.

Q. Are you gonna watch the playoff? And what do you think of how you played today?
ANGELA STANFORD: Unfortunately I can't watch the playoff, because I'm actually driving back to Texas now.
You know, I felt like I gave myself a chance, and, you know, every golfer kicks themselves. So many things you could have done better or done right. But, you know, I can't even do the math because I've been doing so much math all week.
I played really good up till those last eight holes. I just had a four-hole streak that, you know, unfortunately mine came on the back 9 Sunday. Most people's, it could be Thursday or Friday. So I just kind of ran out of holes.
You know, I feel very good about how I approached this week and how I played this week, and I'm gonna take all the positives I can. Two top 5s in majors out of three that we've had this year, you know, I've never done that in my career. There are a lot of good things happening.

Q. Yesterday you said you're going to enjoy being in contention on a Sunday. Did you?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I think you learn something every time. I think I did better this time. You know, I still had a chance with two holes to play. That hasn't always been the case. So it's fun to learn, and, you know, some day it will go my way.

Q. We were covering a young lady from North Dakota, Amy Anderson. She's a youngster that had the lead at one point in the tournament. What do you think about the way she was able to handle herself playing in her first U.S. Open?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's fun to watch people play their first Opens, because either they have no idea what's gonna happen so they play really good because they have no fear, or -- you know, I don't know. How did she finish?

Q. She kind of slipped off there in the third round, but just talk about a young girl that had kind of an impact around here in her first time.
ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's great. You know, new faces, young faces. People love that. You know, any time you get to play your first Open -- I hope she enjoyed it, because I know I enjoyed my first Open.
But it's hard when -- if you don't play well towards the end, you walk away kind of feeling bad about it. I hope she enjoyed it, because not many people get to play U.S. Opens.

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