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June 30, 2011

Kyle Stanley


Q. You started your day with a bogey, came back a little bit, double on the 8th, made the turn at 1-over and then something clicked. What was the difference?
KYLE STANLEY: I made about a 30-footer for birdie on 10, a 15-footer on 13 and another one on 14. Then hit 16 in two, which was a par-5, and made birdie there.

Q. A course like this where you walk off and you go, man, that was a boring back nine, I shot how much?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, that's kind of what you've got to do out here. It's a tough course and you've got to keep it in play and pars are good, so if you kind of get that mindset to be patient, good things will happen.

Q. You looked pretty comfortable out there on the golf course. Is this one of those places where you can walk around and just go, okay, I know I can't be super aggressive so I might as well just relax?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, exactly. Like I said, boring golf is good. I got here on Sunday, so I've had four days to prepare, try and get to know this place, so I feel good about what I'm doing.

Q. How has the golf course changed? I know the greens seem to be firming up a little bit.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, the last time I played them was on Tuesday and the greens are starting to get a little bit more bouncy today.

Q. Just comment on your season up to this point.
KYLE STANLEY: You know, I feel like I've been playing a lot better than maybe what my results have been showing. I've made a lot of cuts. I just quite haven't put four rounds together. But I'm working harder than I probably ever have. I've just got to be patient.

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