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June 26, 2011

John Rollins


Q. You feeling okay?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah. I mean I played good all day. Really felt good all week, to be honest.
Tough week early with all the early wake-up calls and all the delays and things like that, but the golf course still played great and just happy with the way I came in on the back nine.

Q. Off the topic for a minute. Can you talk about your charity work with Coach Shaka?
JOHN ROLLINS: You know, I've done a little bit with Shaka a couple years. We've done a charity event together, and we've actually split ways this year kind of doing our own stuff.
But he's great. He did a great job with the team this year. It was exciting. I went to a couple games, the Final Four game in Houston, and we had a great time, but it's just been great having a relationship with him.

Q. Is it a little frustrating to put a minus 19 up there and know that still might not be quite good enough?
JOHN ROLLINS: Not really. I did all I could. Today I stayed in the moment. I didn't really look at the leaderboards much. I kind of glanced probably the last four holes just to see if I was even close, what was going on.
You could hear seemed like every hole there was a roar going on, so you knew that guys were making birdies and all kinds of low numbers on the board. So I just kept plugging along and staying with what I was doing and managed to get a good round, but probably come up short, but good week.

Q. When did you think you'd gotten in the hunt?
JOHN ROLLINS: I knew when I birdied -- well, when I birdied 14, which was my fourth birdie in a row to get to 18, I knew at the time, the last time I'd looked I think the lead was 18.
You know, when I made the turn, I looked one time and saw I was four back and kind of figured, okay, we'll just kind of settle back down and try to make some more, and then I reeled off four in a row and thought, okay, now we gotta be close. And you know, from 15 on I felt I had a chance.

Q. You like the way you played today, huh?
JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah. I played good. I kept the ball right in play, had a lot of good looks, a lot of good opportunities. Pretty easy up-and-down on 15. I kind of let it get away from me there just off the front of the green, but all in all, good week.

Q. Thanks, John.
JOHN ROLLINS: Thank you.

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