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June 25, 2011

Patrick Cantlay


Q. Thanks very much. We're with Patrick who had a tough finish, so I appreciate you taking the time to talk to you. What was the difference between yesterday and today?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I didn't hit it very good today. I've hit it good the past couple weeks, but not today, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Q. Any nerves at all, or just the biorhythms weren't there today?
PATRICK CANTLAY: A little bit, but nothing special or abnormal. I felt good out there today. I just didn't hit it good.

Q. Some good news, which I don't know if anyone's shared with you yet, your scorecard from yesterday is going to be on display in the World Golf Hall of Fame. How special is that?
PATRICK CANTLAY: That's awesome. That's great.

Q. So how do you regroup? How do you gather yourself? I know that you're not here just to get a Top 10. You're here to win.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah. You know, I'm in good position, and I probably would have taken it at the beginning of the week, so I'm in a good spot and I'm going to play well tomorrow.

Q. So Patrick, how do you keep your composure with all the attention that you're getting and everything that's going on on the course as well?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I've been okay at keeping my composure my whole life. So I'm just drawing on past experiences and having a good time out there.

Q. Talk about today. Obviously you're coming off a record round yesterday. Talk about what happened out there today.
PATRICK CANTLAY: I struggled today. I got off to kind of a slow start and really never got any momentum going. I hit a couple of bad drives coming in, and it cost me.

Q. You also had a lot of opportunities, too, to lower your score, just putts that didn't go in, opportunities there where you were real close.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah. I could have made a couple more putts, as is every round, you know. So I'm in a good spot and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. What was it like to sleep on a lead?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I slept great last night. 36 holes and I was tired. So I slept pretty good.

Q. That said, do you like your spot playing from behind now, without the burden of being the guy everybody is chasing?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I'd rather play with as big of lead as I could get. So you know, unfortunately I dropped a couple shots today, but I'm looking forward to it tomorrow.

Q. (Indiscernible). You know, three weeks ago you were posing with Jack Nicklaus. Two weeks ago you're in the U.S. Open. Can you describe how the last month has been? It's gotta be a whirlwind.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it has been. It's been a lot of golf, a lot of cities, and so far it's going great and I'm sure it'll go good tomorrow.

Q. What is your schedule like following this?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I got into next week, so I'll be playing next week. And then take a little rest. I have the Southern California Amateur and the Western Am and U. S. Am.

Q. What's it like going into an amateur tournament after being out here playing with pros? Does it give you a little more confidence going in?
PATRICK CANTLAY: It's just another event, and I'm sure I'll be just as nervous for that one. I'll want to win that one just as bad. So I'm looking forward to it.

Q. What is your strategy at this point now? Are you going to try and pick a number tomorrow and hit that or what do you do different?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I'm just going to play the golf course the best I can. You know, hit it in the right spots and try and make as many putts as I can.

Q. (Indiscernible).
PATRICK CANTLAY: I don't know. I'm really not going to speculate on that.

Q. Patrick, has this experience been what you imagined it to be? I'm sure a lot of times as a kid you envisioned being on the PGA TOUR. What has this few days been like? I mean I know you were in the Open and whatnot, but is it like you imagined it to be or different?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah. It's been a great week. Everyone's been really nice to me and very hospitable. All the PGA TOUR guys have been great and I'm just enjoying every minute of it.

Q. Looking back at this round today, what have you learned? How can you become a better golfer?
PATRICK CANTLAY: It would be nice to hit it a little better, but other than that, you know, I can make a few more putts, just like any other day.

Q. Patrick, a lot of talk the last couple weeks about you staying amateur the rest of your college career. What kind of went into the decision and what might cause you to change or at least rethink that decision down the road?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I'm not sure. Things have -- or nothing has come about. It was just always my plan to be an amateur and finish my college career.
So we'll see what happens in the future, but as of now I'm planning on staying amateur for four years.

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