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June 24, 2011

Bryce Molder


Q. All right. What are your thoughts on coming back out hitting, what, five shots?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well, you know, the hard part is you're just hoping not to, you know, kind of mar what was a really solid day.
I had a good up-and-down on 18. I almost made the putt on 17. But you know, happy to be 5-under, go get a little sleep that I'm trying to catch up on. Other than that, it's just a long day, but everybody's doing it.

Q. So that's your plan today, try and get some rest?
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah. I kind of planned on finishing early yesterday, having a little work out and then sleeping in today. So I'm probably going to go catch up, have a little work out, go sleep a little bit, see what the weather does later and if we tee off again later, great. If not, we'll be here in the morning.

Q. What did you do well in your round yesterday?
BRYCE MOLDER: I drove the ball extremely well. The whole time I don't think I missed a fairway, and that's what I've -- I haven't been driving the ball well, so I haven't been able to be aggressive. On top of that I only missed a few greens.
Usually if I can hit a lot of greens, I'm going to putt generally pretty well. So that's -- but I did those things. I hit a lot of fairways and greens.

Q. Did you make any changes recently with the driver or anything?
BRYCE MOLDER: I've been working with Michael Beau, my teacher, for the last six weeks or so, and it's been getting better. You know, not really changes. We're trying to go back to the way it looked a year ago and it kind of got out of sorts. You know, in the past six months or so it hasn't been great, but it's been trending better and finally the scores showed it.

Q. Do you think there will be any big changes in the course today, the conditions?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, not a lot. We just played it -- you know, obviously off the tee instead of it rolling 15 yards yesterday it's going to roll five. So it's going to be playing a little bit longer. Greens were already receptive. There's no wind, so there's still going to be good scores.

Q. Okay. That's good. Have a good day.

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