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June 9, 2011

Andy Roddick


A. RODDICK/K. Anderson
6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us about the match, how it went for you. How was your footing on the grass?
ANDY RODDICK: Everything felt fine. You know, it was kind of, as you would expect, just whoever -- he had some chances to break. He didn't get them. I had a couple chances and I converted. That was pretty much the story of the match.
I had a game plan early on. I didn't want him to have the ball up. He hits the ball pretty big when it is there. I was trying to kind of keep it low and work it around the court and not let him get set too often.
But I was pretty happy.

Q. You had a 30-stroke rally. When you get in the middle of one of those, are you looking for some way to terminate it quickly on grass, different from any other surface or not?
ANDY RODDICK: No, not really. I mean, I think pretty much any surface you don't look at it in the context of a whole 30-ball rally. You look at it plus one from the last time you hit a shot.
So I couldn't have told you we had one like that, but, you know, I am able to kind of do a little bit more of what I want with the ball on this surface.

Q. What do you think about him? He's come on a little bit in the last year, hasn't he?
ANDY RODDICK: Well, yeah. I mean, I've said it before about tall guys. You can't teach 6'8". There are a lot of times when he hits his first serve in a spot, you're kind of rendered a little helpless.
Thankfully I was just able to get my teeth into a couple of games and converted the break points that I had.

Q. With regard to Wimbledon, are you kind of where you want to be on course for the tournament?
ANDY RODDICK: Yeah. I'm present and I'm here and I'm healthy. You know, I don't really -- I've always played Queen's for Queen's. I don't play Queen's for Wimbledon.
Obviously we all come over here with Wimbledon as the end goal, but I treat this tournament as separate. It is preparation, but at the same time it's still a very important tournament for me. So, you know, I handle each match as I would in, you know, in any big event that I play.

Q. Is the grass playing the same as other years?
ANDY RODDICK: Well, it's gotten progressively -- it's gotten slower over time, but, you know, I don't think it's anything drastic from the last couple of years. I think it's pretty true.

Q. Some of the guys were saying it was slower than Roland Garros. Is that a fair comment?
ANDY RODDICK: Well, I wasn't at Roland Garros. It's going to be a tough comparison for me.

Q. You're always known as a big sports fan. Two-part question: If you were to be a spectator of any sport event in the past, which would you choose? And also, same thing for Wimbledon: Which Wimbledon match would you choose?
ANDY RODDICK: Oh, gosh. Any sport event? Gosh, that's a tough one to answer on spur of the moment. I thought about the Rumble in the Jungle. Actually that was one of the first things that come to my mind. I think that would have been pretty cool.
And Wimbledon? Probably mine with Roger. I would have streaked or something to break momentum late in that match or, you know, done it as a fan to help myself win.

Q. You also spoke on court about you always enjoy your month in London. Is there anything about the UK or British culture you don't get?
ANDY RODDICK: I've nerve gotten chalk and cheese. I know they're supposed to be different, but I just -- it sounds disgusting. If you ever want me to skip a meal, just keep saying that beforehand.
But I think I understand most of it. Still trying to maybe get the rules of cricket a little bit more, but besides that, I think I understand enough.

Q. You probably didn't get a chance to see him at all, but what about Fratangelo? Are you pleased you've got an American junior winner at Roland Garros?
ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, I haven't -- I got his number a couple days ago to call him and try to talk to him but I haven't yet. I haven't seen him play at all.
I'm definitely curious to kind of get -- you know, instead of watching the kids play, I actually like to try to hit with them and see what they're bringing.
But, you know, I've always been a proponent of our juniors playing the Junior Grand Slams. You know, I think everyone gets ahead of themselves of playing futures and challengers. It's great to win something there, but for me, a career is made on winning matches that you're supposed to win.
I think playing in juniors and dominating your division is -- it's good habit-forming, and so to see him come through in a tournament against his peers I think is more impressive than a kid winning a futures or something like that.
You know, it's definitely exciting and welcome, you know. You certainly know we don't get our fair share -- we don't get a lot of positive headlines, you know, certainly. So for him to create a couple even in juniors is always welcome.

Q. He hadn't set foot on red clay until Milan two weeks before, so it was quite an impressive performance.
ANDY RODDICK: Well, maybe I'll do that.

Q. What are your thoughts on Serena's decision to come back and take a wildcard at Eastbourne this week?
ANDY RODDICK: Well, it's great. I mean, I think, you know, no disrespect to any of the women that are playing right now, but I think women's tennis needs that dominating figure.
You know, she hasn't played for a year. I think she still is that personality, and, you know, certainly gonna probably be the top storyline going into Wimbledon.
I don't think it would shock anybody if she came through and won it again. I think that it's very smart of her to play a leadup event, especially after being gone for a year. I think I speak for most people in tennis whereas you want her in the game for so many reasons, you know; not only because she wins and she's a great champion, but, you know, she creates, you know, brings pop culture to tennis.
She brings crossover appeal and creates storylines even when she's not trying, which at the end of the day is a healthy thing for our sport.

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