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May 27, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. Just missed a birdie at the last.
PAUL CASEY: The putt on 17 made up for it. Yeah, it was -- I felt like I played better golf than the score suggested. I think we got very much the difficult side of the draw yesterday. That was really, really difficult out there. Poulter was 3-under yesterday? That was a phenomenal round. I would have been happy with level par, but I mean, even 1-over for me yesterday was very good in those condition.
So today it was an opportunity to make some birdies, and I didn't really do it. Sort of unforced errors, certainly on holes like 2 and 3, just misjudged the wind on 2, and should have chipped it in for birdie on 3 and walked away with bogey.
One of those days where it is what it is, but I've made the weekend, so I can chase the leaders.

Q. One heck of a challenge here now, isn't it.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, who knows what the winning score is going to be. I mean, I think Luke's got good conditions this afternoon, compared to what we played in yesterday, this is benign.

Q. He bogeyed the first hole.
PAUL CASEY: I saw that. But still, it's nice out there. So I mean, I actually almost have resigned myself to the fact that maybe I'll be chasing a top sort of five or three, because I thought maybe somebody gets to sort of 10-under or so, but that's a ridiculous distance back.

Q. Some really big scores from top people for the tournament?
PAUL CASEY: It's very difficult.

Q. Easy to rack up those numbers?
PAUL CASEY: It can be, because if you get the wrong side of something, you just can't recover it. Errors compound, and I've always felt that you know bogeys sometimes happen. You make a poor shot, you make a bogey. Double-bogeys happen only if you make mental mistakes or do something really, really daft. This is a golf course you can do not a lot wrong and walk away with double-bogeys.
That's just because of the way the golf course is designed now, and the way it's been changed.

Q. Not like the course you won on, is it?
PAUL CASEY: It's completely different.

Q. How many shots harder on an average day?
PAUL CASEY: I won it at 17-under or something? 17 shots harder, I don't know (laughing).
Remember, we've changed 12 to a par 4 now, but you could say four shots tougher a round.

Q. If you've got the mental capabilities, you're going to move up?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, but it's not -- the short of it is, I used to really enjoy playing this golf course, and now it's a grind.

Q. Be careful what you wish for.
PAUL CASEY: The guys never wished for this. I think Richard Caring, from what I've heard, he was wanting sort offal level par to win this. Well, he might get that. But does that make it -- is that what we are looking for? Does that make it entertaining?
One of the beautiful things about Wentworth is always the great finish and the fact that guys could finish with maybe four threes in a row or five threes in a row and shoot up that leaderboard, and it's very, very difficult now.
But it's a challenge. It is what it is.

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