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April 7, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. 1-over par through 14, three birdies in a row, was patience the key today?
PAUL CASEY: Very much so. On a golf course which was as good as we're going to see it, frankly. It was actually wonderful out there.
The wind died in the afternoon as well for the guys teeing off about my time. And you had to be patient, but you also had to do something, because 7-under par from Rory is a spectacular score.
So you can't win it on a Thursday, but you can certainly shoot yourself in the foot and it's important not to get too far ahead.

Q. When you say patience, obviously you're not trying to press a little bit thinking, I got to make some birdies here. What's the attitude when you're 1-over and you can see that lead so far away?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I mean it's patience, but you got to, this golf course rewards beautiful golf shots. And if you -- you got to take chances, you got to take risks around there. You can be rewarded royally if you pull them off.
It's waiting for those right moments, it's not making silly decisions, simple as that. So patience and waiting for something good to come along, a good yardage, a good number, a good feeling going into a green, and then just go at it and take advantage of it.

Q. We chatted yesterday and you thought that your game was going in the right direction. Overall today how does it feel?
PAUL CASEY: I lacked confidence today, I'll be honest. I struggled, especially off the tee. I found most of the trees out there. I found something on the last few holes, altered the setup slightly, opened up the stance and something clicked on the last few holes.
But it was, it's not perfect, so I'm actually very happy with 2-under on a day where I struggled off the tee.

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