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March 27, 2011

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I played well all day and the best shot I hit all day was on 17. Didn't come out.
18, I was caught right between clubs, went with the lower one and it didn't look out.

Q. Talk about how half a stroke can make a difference --
TIGER WOODS: Very simple. I hit three water balls this week and a few missed putts here and there, and I'm not that far behind. Add all that together, you can't afford to make those mistakes.

Q. Do you feel the game is a little bit closer to where you want to get at this point?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. I played well today. I hit the ball well all day. Felt like I had, again, putted well today. I had good pace, and just unfortunately very disappointing finish.

TIGER WOODS: It was, it was a very good week and a week I needed to see. It was nice. I hit -- especially today, I really hit the ball well and the things that we were working on the last, you know, couple weeks, really, really felt comfortable today, and I felt I was able to control just about every shot today.

Q. Is this the sort of venue that can help you for Augusta?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, springy as these greens are, they are firmer, they are fast and they are bumpy, so it's a tough combo.

Q. With your driving, it seemed like if you missed it, it wasn't quite terminal today. What are your thoughts on that overall?
TIGER WOODS: Much better. Every day has gotten a little bit tighter, which is good. As I said, keep working, keep staying the course and keep working on the same things and each day is progressing. Today was really nice.

Q. What do you think the big thing is for you between now and Augusta? Is there something you want to emphasize?
TIGER WOODS: Same thing. Just keep working on the same thing. It's getting better every week I've played, and just need to keep progressing and hopefully it will peak two more Thursdays from now.

Q. Will you go there this week?

Q. A day or two?

Q. How much confidence do you take from a couple of good rounds does that give you going into Augusta --
TIGER WOODS: Well, you know, this year, I felt like I've played my way into shape. I've played, I've kept progressing and early in the year was disappointing because the conditions showed some signs of weakness that I had to work on.
Now, it's feeling very, very good.

Q. The reps for you -- historically you have not played very often before major championships, have you given any consideration to perhaps playing week?
TIGER WOODS: No, I'm playing the same schedule that I always do before Augusta. So nothing's changed. Just need to go ahead and do some more work this week.

Q. Four competitive rounds of golf going into Augusta, and last year none, where does this putt you comfort level-wise on the golf course and off?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think that this year, it's nice to have got some tournaments under my belt. Last year I went into it just like I did '08 U.S. Open. Same deal, I didn't really practice before the '08 Open because my leg was broken. Just go out there, show up and play, and those two venues, I knew it the golf course, and that helps a lot.
And now it's nice to be actually, you know, more tournament shape going in, and again, they made a couple of changes, so take a look at those, and develop a game plan.

Q. We talked jokingly about the video game at the Masters; could that help you?
TIGER WOODS: Will definitely be playing it, there's no doubt. (Laughing).
Today was the day I played well all day. As I said the best shot I hit all day was 17, just a foot short and 18 I was caught between clubs; chose the wrong club. So I mean, the entire day was a good day, and unfortunately the finish wasn't very good score-wise.

Q. Your putter?
TIGER WOODS: Felt good. I hit a lot of good putts today. Made a bunch. All week, the only thing that was missing was just hitting the ball a little harder and today Stevie reminded me, he said every hole, "Make sure you hit it hard enough." Even though these greens have been quick, all of my misses have been short.

Q. Are there shots this week you made thinking towards Augusta --
TIGER WOODS: I did not. That was on my practice sessions at home. That will continue.

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