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March 26, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. Assess your round.
TIGER WOODS: I made a few mistakes out there, there was a point in the round I had to get more aggressive on 13 and paid the price for it. I figured I needed to shoot 3- or 4-under, and backfired on me a little bit.

Q. Tee balls were better, you were in play most of the day?
TIGER WOODS: I hit the ball much better today with the driver. Iron play was pretty good, actually. But again, a couple loose shots here and there and a couple water balls added up.

Q. Your mind-set heading into Augusta?
TIGER WOODS: One more round and hopefully tomorrow I can put it together a little bit, and hopefully the wind blows and I can post a good one.

Q. Mixed bag today?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, well, the round kind of turned at 13. I had to get aggressive there. Figured I needed to probably shoot 3- or 4-under par at least to have a chance going into tomorrow. Paid the price for it.
I went right at the flag and probably hit a little holder up against the wind and started right, and went two yards right of where I wanted to and ended up right there in the water.

Q. Are you at the point in the swing changes where you can be as aggressive as you want to be?
TIGER WOODS: No, I feel like I'm swinging well. If I do it right, I can hit some pretty good shots. Just today was kind of a -- what Robert was alluding to; kind of a mixed bag.

Q. You talk about your process and yesterday turned out well, so really unpredictable; how does it fit in? How does that happen?
TIGER WOODS: Well, just I had two water balls out there and a couple short missed putts; and hence, I was 2-over par. Tee-to-green it wasn't that bad, but two bad swings, put the ball in the water and that's three shots and a couple missed putts; a round that should have been under par easily ended up over par.

Q. What do you hope to get out of the round tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Hopefully the wind blows tomorrow and I can post a good one and I can get a little momentum going into Augusta.

Q. Are you still fully comfortable with the putting stance and the stroke and the new putter?
TIGER WOODS: Actually the putter feels wonderful. My chipping has been much better this week, and my putting has been -- I felt comfortable all week. My pace has been pretty good, and haven't said this too often, but I need to hit the putts harder. I left so many putts short this week which is unlike me.

Q. The 9th hole, in the old days, you hit in the left trees, no shot -- does that sort of inspire you a little bit?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I just made a big mistake there at 8, little pitch and I flubbed it there. It was nice to get some kind of momentum going in the back nine where I felt if I shot at least 1-under par on the back nine, I would be right there with a chance going into tomorrow and just didn't happen.

Q. Do you take away any -- are you more frustrated or optimistic, or what is your takeaway from the way you've been playing the last few days?
TIGER WOODS: I feel very good. Each day my irons have been pretty good, unfortunately just a couple loose shots pretty good and I got aggressive coming in, trying to get myself back in the ballgame ask went the other way.

Q. Talk about the two iron shots on the par 5s.
TIGER WOODS: I had 222 on 4. I hit a 4-iron, flag-high, went to the back and 2-putted there.
I had 207 front on 6 and I hit a little 5-iron in there.

Q. Exactly what you're looking for?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that's what I'm capable of doing. Those are the shots, two wonderful drives, two wonderful iron shots, and I played those two holes 3-under.

Q. What specifically do you think you'll be working on between now and Augusta?
TIGER WOODS: Same things. We are not changing anything. Same thing. We have been working on the same thing since Dubai. So just keep working on it.

Q. When you drive in, even when you practice, do you get a different vibe, do things change at all in terms of how you feel about yourself?
TIGER WOODS: There are certain golf courses where I've had -- I feel pretty good and comfortable, no matter how my form is going into it, and Augusta is one of them.
Over the years, I've won there a few times, but the majority of my finishes have been pretty high. Golf course fits my game. I see the shot and more than anything, it's understanding where to miss the golf ball, and I feel very comfortable there.

Q. You talked yesterday about how well you know it, but do you look back at all on last year in amazement, being it was your first tournament of the year and all you'd been through? A year later, how do you look on that performance?
TIGER WOODS: Well, mind-set going into that event was the same as it was going into the U.S. Open in '08. Had not touched a club, had not played; no reason why I can't play well, but not before -- in '08, I was hitting probably ten balls a day getting ready, so it's not exactly great prep. So came out, just kind of looked at it and it kind of turned out that way.

Q. Last year you were going through similar spurts where your mind really wasn't on golf; do you feel that now it is, and your living situation -- is it hard to focus --
TIGER WOODS: Not hard to focus at all.

Q. Do you feel like golf, now it's just a matter of swing technique?
TIGER WOODS: No, just more reps, more competitive rounds, and making a few putts at the right time and next thing you know, I'll be right there.

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