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March 11, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. How much higher will scores be with the wind compared to yesterday?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, a lot more. Guys are not going to be shooting low numbers now. This is a tough wind because obviously the strength; also the coolness that it brings in there because the ball is not flying very far. Downwind it's humming a little bit, but into the wind it's not going anywhere.

Q. The golf transformation you are working on with Sean, is it harder with this much wind?
TIGER WOODS: Luckily we have had this much wind the entire week up in Orlando. It's been howling. When you guys played over at West Palm, we were getting the same thing. So we got a chance to practice in it all week.

Q. If it's blowing 30 back in Orlando how much do you practice, just the same?

Q. You said recently in an interview, I think in Dubai, that you didn't feel physically or mentally prepared last year when you returned; do you feel more prepared?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely.

Q. What's the difference other than obviously playing? How much more prepared are you this year?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I had not played a tournament and all of a sudden show up at Augusta. Here I have some rounds under my belt and been working on some different things and in a much better state because of it.

Q. Do you feel like you have to be that way in order to get back --
TIGER WOODS: Well, it helps to have your life in balance in order to play well, and you know, that's always a good thing.

Q. When did you have for your second shot on 7 and 8?
TIGER WOODS: 7 I had 176 and I hit 5-iron. And I had 210 on 8 and hit 7-iron.

Q. Tavistock next week, your thought about switching teams, getting taken in the expansion draft?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I did. A few of us, we got taken out of there. Ernie, Poults and myself, all are down there now. So we have got a good team, a good lineup. Obviously I'm still a member at Isleworth but part-owner down there at Albany; so that's what the difference is.

Q. Was that the plan all along, as a part-owner, you would wind up switching teams?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. We talked about that prior to us even getting involved in it and that was kind of the five-year plan out that that would happen. And it was going to be Ernie and myself and whoever, whoever would become members and we got a few guys that came in and became members.

Q. How do you think it will be as a four-team competition compared to just a rivalry?
TIGER WOODS: Different, certainly very different because of the format. Now every shot counts the next day, the second day.
Best-ball is still the same but also, every shot matters now. So that's going to be a little bit different.

Q. You used to say that windy conditions favored you, do you still believe that and why is that?
TIGER WOODS: It's starting to. The things that I've been working on are starting to come together now. I'm able to control my trajs and hit the shots that I want to. Last week was a big blessing to have that much wind at home. As I said earlier, the guys in West Palm were getting the same thing we were getting in Orlando.

Q. How much tougher would it have been if you were practicing in calm conditions?
TIGER WOODS: No doubt it would have been because I had not practiced in it. I mean, it's supposed to be a pretty windy time of year here, and generally the springtime is the most windy.
But it doesn't always turn out that way, that's the thing. And especially making the changes I'm making, it's nice when you get varied conditions. It's been cool, it's been windy, it's been hot and it's been nice to try all of the different temperatures out in different conditions.
So my ball is flying different distances now which is good, and I've got a read on that and it certainly makes a big difference.

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