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February 26, 2011

Bubba Watson


Q. Thanks very much. Bubba, you were just saying?
BUBBA WATSON: I didn't do very well today.

Q. What didn't you do well today?
BUBBA WATSON: The putting. They slowed the greens down a little bit just because we were expecting these winds. Slow greens always get me. They look like they're going to be fast, but they roll a foot or so slower. Just hard.

Q. Let's go back to the JV match. You're 5 down. At what point do you begin to say, hold on a second, I have a shot here?
BUBBA WATSON: Win a hole, that was the key. He made that good putt on 9 to tie that hole. Then 10 -- he was 5-up and 8 to play. And I hit it down the middle on 11. He hit it in the desert, hit it in the desert again, so that was the turning point, just get one shot back.

Q. You hit some shots down the stretch. Speaking of hitting it in the desert, you got the drop from under the bush?
BUBBA WATSON: The sprinkler. It was a sprinkler.

Q. Is that a rule you think that maybe should be changed?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I won that hole, so I'm fine with that. No, that's a good rule if you're on the sprinkler like that.

Q. 50 minutes to play the last two holes?
BUBBA WATSON: When you get bad tee shots like him and me did, like on the extra hole, it should take that long.

Q. Martin Kaymer --
BUBBA WATSON: The new No. 1?

Q. Which one would you like to have back down the stretch?
BUBBA WATSON: All of them. You know, the first hole, just come off a tough wind, had 30 minutes to eat food, change clothes, and I hacked it around the first hole and gave it to him. And he helped me on the second hole. I let some putts die off a little bit, they didn't fall in the hole. So he ended up beating me by 1. I guess they'll say 2, but by one. One or two putts and I beat him.

Q. All is not lost. I understand you're wearing a half a million dollar watch right now.
BUBBA WATSON: It's $525,000. It's a deal that I have with Richard Mille.

Q. Bubba with a Richard Mille watch. Bubba is doing good all things considered?
BUBBA WATSON: Bubba is doing great.

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