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February 23, 2011

Bubba Watson


DOUG MILNE: Bubba Watson, thanks for joining us after a solid start at the 2011 Accenture Match Play Championship. 3-2 win over Bill Haas. Just a couple of comments over the first day, first match here, and then we'll take questions.
BUBBA WATSON: I haven't played match play in a long time. I haven't played a professional event match play. It was different but it worked out to my favor today. The sad thing is I had breakfast with Bill Haas and his fiance. And then we had to go out and play each other. It's sad having to beat a friend. It's different than -- you feel bad. But I played great and somehow came around with the victory.

Q. What's the conversation like over breakfast?
BUBBA WATSON: We were just talking about they are about to get married. How many people are in their wedding party and stuff like that. Just small talk. Then he gets up to go warm up. I'm like, I'll see you in a little bit. It's hard to win that way against a friend. It was just small talk not about golf at all.

Q. Did you talk during the course of the match? Was there friendly banter or were you locked in?
BUBBA WATSON: No. There was friendly banter. In the back nine it got slow. We were waiting on a tee for 20 minutes. There was more talk then. When it's fast it's harder to talk because you are playing golf. When it slows up, that's when you start talking. Talked about other stuff going on in the world.
We talked about old championships, how many times his dad played in the match play, stuff like that. Just wasting time, I guess, for 20 minutes.

Q. It started off sort of in the glow of the friendship that you had this morning at breakfast. At what time did it narrow down and become really competitive thing for you?
BUBBA WATSON: It's always competitive.

Q. When did the friendship sort of disappear?
BUBBA WATSON: The friendship is always there. The competitive part is always there, too. As soon as I wake up, I want to be the first one to breakfast. I want to win everything I do. I want to put my shoes on better than you. I want to win. That's why I play sports. I want to win. I want to beat him but I don't want to beat my friend. I'm always a friend to him and then but there's always that competitive edge. I always want to beat him but just hate beating a friend.
DOUG MILNE: Bubba, thanks.

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