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February 22, 2011

Tiger Woods


LAURA HILL: Just start with some comments about being back here at Accenture.
TIGER WOODS: I just got here. Looking forward to it. Obviously I haven't been here in a couple of years but looking forward to getting out on the golf course to see the challenges they have made. They made a couple of changes. From what I hear it's fast and firm.

Q. How is your game?
TIGER WOODS: Game is progressing, no doubt. Had to work on a few things that we found that was not right in Dubai, which was good. And it feels like we're heading in the right direction. Just have to work on it and solidify it.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: I would like to get to that point. Got to take it one match at a time. One opponent at a time. I have got Thomas tomorrow. Looking forward to it. He won a tournament, what, three weeks ago? He is obviously playing better.

Q. Do you feel good about your swing at this point and its ability to maintain a consistent stretch?
TIGER WOODS: It's getting better, no doubt about it. It was nice and not so nice to have the wind blow in Dubai. As I said over there, I got exposed. I was limited in the shot selections I could hit. When the wind didn't blow I went low. Sean and I worked on that in the last week and that was good. Going to do some work as soon as I'm done with you guys and then go out and play.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: I always have. It's a great event. We don't get a chance to play too many match play events. We play stroke play all the time. The only time you get a match play event is if you make the team Ryder Cups or Presidents Cup. We grew up playing all junior golf and all big amateur events were all match play. It goes back to how we grew up. We love it as players. It is fun to go head-to-head.
As I've said before, you know, in this event usually it takes, what, three days, three and a half days to get yourself in position to go head-to-head with somebody and generally you are not in the same group. But this is right from the very get go. So it's fun.

Q. Would you like to see it stay here in Arizona?
TIGER WOODS: I think it's a great event here. When we moved from the Gallery to here, it's two neat golf courses, two good match play courses. Some drivable par 4s, some par 5s are reachable. The greens are just enough where they are undulating enough where it presents a little bit of a problem. And you know, on calm days generally the scores are pretty low. When the wind blows out here, right around par, couple under par usually gets a match done.

Q. Tiger, did you feel something click with the swing last week at home?
TIGER WOODS: I got a better understanding of it. I think that's what John was saying. He was out there working with me and saw what I was working on with Shawn. It's just that I didn't quite have the understanding of how to hit all the shots in the wind. You know, that takes time. We finally put it together. Now I just need to keep working on it and keep heading down this path.

Q. Obviously you would like to always be No. 1. Is there some benefit maybe to the game of having it a little more tightly packed than it has been for years?
TIGER WOODS: I don't look at it that way. I thoroughly enjoyed winning a bunch of golf tournaments every year. You know, that's -- in order to get to No. 1 and to have that position and to sustain it or to widen the gap, you have got to win golf tournaments. That's what I'm looking forward to doing.

Q. Graeme McDowell said something yesterday that mathematically this is the best odds to win a tournament. You have to beat six guys. Would you agree with that, do you think?
TIGER WOODS: The only problem is you can play well and go home. That's the only caveat to this event. You know, I have seen guys when we play at La Costa and we have bad weather, matches were won with 79s. There have been matches out here, especially at the Gallery, when it was calm, and the guys were 6- or 7-under par and they are going home. So it's just one of those things. Yeah, if you are hot, this is the event to play because you only have to beat one guy at a time.

Q. One of the psychological issues you always had was your seeming uninvincibility. As you continue to work through your swing changes, are you still able to draw on that?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think I'm able to draw upon my past experience, yes, no doubt. But it's like when I was going through the changes with Butch early on and then with Hank early on, you know, it's -- I'm going into a different mold, different pattern, so yes, I know how to do it down the stretch. I know what that feels like. I know what it takes to get it done. But incorporating new movement patterns takes time. And that's one of the things that I can't draw upon because they are new. But as more time goes on, the more balls I hit, hundreds of thousands of balls, millions of balls later, those movement patterns become natural.
LAURA HILL: Good luck this week. Thank you.

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