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February 18, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. 67 today, it was a really pretty solid round of golf. The bogeys on the back were maybe a little blip. The shot on 16 could have been perfect, and then you just had nothing there.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you know, it's that kind of golf course. You know, you're right, the front nine was solid. I mean, there were no mistakes. You know, a mental error on 10 which led to a very good bogey in the end, and shots like 16 where it wasn't a bad looking shot going in there and you're just left with nothing. And that's this kind of golf course. It looks fairly benign. There's no real rough out there this week, and yet guys are finding it very, very difficult to score unless you're Freddie Couples.

Q. Let me ask you something about the 10th hole. It's our Kodak Challenge hole. You've got 14 clubs in the bag, and there isn't a good one to hit off the tee, is there?
PAUL CASEY: No, I mean, I've actually put it in the good spot twice now, and I will go for that if the wind is right, but the penalty for getting it on the wrong side and going for the green is just -- you might struggle to make par.
I chose to lay up. I've laid up twice now, and I'm playing it averaging 41/2. I don't know, it's just a wonderful golf hole. It's stood the test of time. It may be the best par-4 we play on TOUR. It may be best of the one par-4s in the world.

Q. Tell me about Fred Couples. You're looking up there on the leaderboard, it's like, come on, man, you're 50, go play with the seniors.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you're 50, 51, whatever he is; he's got a bad back. I don't know. We obviously know he loves this golf course. He plays very well around here. But Freddie is just a legend. With Freddie up there, Corey Pavin was up at the top of the leaderboard yesterday, it shows that this golf course is maybe not all about young, brute power. Freddie is struggling to hit the ball the way he wants, and yet he knows every nook and cranny of this golf course. 8-under is an absolutely phenomenal score because it wasn't easy the last couple days.

Q. You can't say enough about experience going around Riviera, can you?
PAUL CASEY: No, you can't. There's places to miss it and there's places you just don't want to go. These greens are tricky. They do get chewed up a little bit because we're early in the season and the grass is growing. But you've just got to know where to put it, and Freddie does. He knows every inch of this golf course, and I wish I knew it as good as he does.
He's clearly hitting it well, but that is a big advantage, knowing your way around here.

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