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January 28, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. Seven birdies and two bogeys in your second round, how do you feel about your day's work?
PAUL CASEY: Actually pretty happy because I didn't have very good control of the golf ball today. Struggling with the swing. And that showed, the tee shot on 17 was horrific. Not really quite sure what direction the ball is going to go in, so the rest of it is very, very good. I ground it out. Gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities when I could find the golf ball, and made a lot of them.

Q. What's the mind-set when you're not sure where it's going, how do you get it around?
PAUL CASEY: I'm trying to pick as small a target as possible and maybe shape the ball a little bit, at least no rough here, not sure what sort of direction might curve it, and that's it. Have sort of a good attitude because you just don't know where it's going to be and sort of deal with it.
Luckily the golf course is very generous in places and you can get away with it and I showed that today.

Q. Do you know what the problem is? Can you go to the range and fix it?
PAUL CASEY: I think so. I think it's lack of talent (laughing).
To be honest, I think the shoulder plane is probably a little bit flat because the short irons were not bad and the long clubs I really struggled with. Usually shoulders are probably turning a little bit too flat, probably need to steepen that a little bit. Keep the spine angle coming through. Hopefully that will fix it.

Q. Amateurs joining you tomorrow. How is that going to be?
PAUL CASEY: Could be interesting. Yeah, it's not going to be the usual Pro-Am. It's a weird format. I mean, the pros are out there, we are playing for obviously this Volvo championship, but tomorrow the amateurs join us. There are prizes, as well. I think we can win a car or something like that.
So it will be interesting. I think it's going to be a rude awakening for a lot of them it. The golf course is going to be set up for us. It's not going to be the jolly/jolly of a Wednesday Pro-Am. Guys are going to be very serious. I might expect a couple of amateurs walking off the golf course saying, he never talked to me, on the way around.
So we'll see how it goes. I mean, fingers crossed, whoever I'm playing with tomorrow pro-wise, we end up with somebody who just wants to go out there and have a bit of fun and keep out of the way.

Q. 5-under, second round in the tournament, tell us, much different to yesterday's round?
PAUL CASEY: Pretty similar to yesterday's round. Both days I struggled a little bit with the ball-striking. And done a very good job of getting the golf ball around this golf course and making birdies.
The illustration would be both days I hit it in the water on 17 and that's a big fairway to hit. The water really shouldn't be even in your mind, and look up, and the ball is starting off in a very strange direction. So that's a bit frustrating. So I need to fix that.
And if I can't fix it, I think the rest of the game is pretty good. I'm making putts so there's no reason why I can't push on and give the guys something to aim at.
Tomorrow is going to be interesting with the amateurs playing, so nobody knows what to expect yet. But it's going to be fun. I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be something different, and I think there's a car that can be won, as well, in the competition, so why not have sort of a competition within a competition. It's going to be interesting.

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