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January 22, 2011

Paul Casey


Q. A little disappointing your first round, but how do you feel about your third round today?
PAUL CASEY: Today was great. The first two days, really, very disappointing. I think just rusty, beginning of the season. I had done a lot of work on the game, but making a lot of mistakes, just you know, not having a scorecard in my hand for a while, silly little stuff, and this is a very difficult golf course.
It's been set up very well. I was penalised for just not being very sharp and today was much better. The highlight was the hole-in-one on the 12th, so you know, get myself back in the mix. I think I'm too far away from the leaders but at least I can maybe creep up there tomorrow.

Q. You just mentioned it, congratulations for your hole-in-one on 12. Are you going to spend some holidays in Abu Dhabi now?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I love coming here anyway, so why not. What made me chuckle was the last tournament I played was the Chevron before Christmas, was I had a hole-in-one in that tournament on the same hole, the 12th hole, with the same club. So it's all a bit spooky.
Any time you got a hole-in-one -- it's probably going to cost me a little bit of money when I get inside. The guys are going to be expecting a drink. Certainly spruces up the scorecard putting a 1 down.

Q. Sure it's just a question of time for your major title?
PAUL CASEY: It would be nice. The goals this year are major championships. I want to get in the winner's circle before Augusta. Augusta sets up very, very well for me and I feel comfortable going there.
So I just think in order to sort of get going and make the Majors sort of easier this year for me, I've got to start winning early. In 2009, I got some victories early in the season and was looking forward to getting off to a flying start this week, and it hasn't happened, but maybe a flying start next week in Bahrain or Qatar is possible.

Q. Can you comment on your hole-in-one on 12?
PAUL CASEY: 7-iron, 12th hole, hole-in-one, 174 yards. It was a beautiful little draw.

Q. And you knew it had gone in straightaway?
PAUL CASEY: It landed about a foot -- oh, probably not even a foot. About eight inches just right of the hole. It probably skipped forward and jumped back into the hole. Saw it go in and we had a crowd of about one that went bananas.

Q. And you won a prize for three nights every year in the Emirates Palace; can you think of anything better?
PAUL CASEY: That's actually great, because I knew that prize happened a couple of years ago. I think Quiros or something.

Q. Three nights every year forever.
PAUL CASEY: That's brilliant. That's absolutely fantastic.

Q. What do you love about the Emirates Palace?
PAUL CASEY: That's the only 7-star hotel I've ever stayed in. You can't compare it to anything else. It is unique. Every hotel after the Emirates Palace seems a bit sub-par.

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