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December 3, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. You want to just talk about the hole-in-one? What club was it?
PAUL CASEY: 7-iron. I'd have to check on the yardage. Actually I don't know. My caddie has got the yardage. It was something along the lines of like low 180s. Actually just ask one of the caddies and they'll find it.
So 7-iron, just trying to drop it in a couple yards left to right because Nick actually hit 7-iron and pulled it and it went past the flag, and I knew that was just disaster going past the flag, so I tried to take some off of it. For some reason that hole plays really short anyway even though it's going up towards the mountain.
What I liked was the marshal started to sort of get in line, so I knew it was going to be pretty close.

Q. Could you see it go in?

Q. Obviously the Ryder Cup is a whole -- what --
PAUL CASEY: The only two I've had in tournaments, yeah, Ryder Cup and today. All the others have been practice rounds or when I was an amateur.

Q. Would you remember what club you hit at the Ryder Cup?
PAUL CASEY: 4-iron, 233 yards.

Q. No specifics, though, right?
PAUL CASEY: No, I can't remember it at all (laughing). Stewart Cink, he was teeing off on 13 when we were teeing off on 15 earlier, and he's like, "Why is it I'm always around when you make hole-in-ones?" (Laughter.)

Q. He was passing you today?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, he was playing with Luke, so he was a few holes behind us.

Q. What shot felt better, that one or this one?
PAUL CASEY: Oh, they all feel great. The Ryder Cup was something that won't be -- I don't think will be repeated. I don't know, tough to know what a 4-iron felt like off the blade, but that one felt pretty good today. That was nice. I didn't expect it.

Q. You didn't expect it --
PAUL CASEY: Well, I'm not sure where the golf ball is going some of the time. It was really good. I did a hell of a job shooting 7-under today, but the previous hole I've just missed the green by 20 yards with a 4-iron. It's nice to look up and see the golf ball going in the right direction.

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