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November 28, 2010

Paul Casey


Fourth Round 69. 11-Under. 277 Total.

Q. Immediate reaction to that?
PAUL CASEY: Not very happy with it. Should have really got it going today. I think the golf course was there to yield some decent numbers, and you know, frustrating week. You know, to finish wherever I finish, however many back, three, four back of the leaders, considering I had a 4-putt and two 3-putts yesterday, should have been better.

Q. As you're walking around, how much notice do you take of the boards?
PAUL CASEY: I don't tend to look at them too much. I mean, today it was just a logjam so it was quite entertaining watching them.
We stand here and we don't know who is going to win this, as we stand here right now, but at one stage it could have been any number of maybe sort of ten players. You know, it's fun to watch but means absolutely nothing because I have to focus on my game and try to make birdie.

Q. You must be pleased with the season?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, overall the season has been good from that aspect. It was July when I really didn't feel anything with the rib muscles which I tore last year, and that was great to finally get over that.
Having said that, I haven't won. So you know, that's disappointing. I played some great golf, but you know, you have to measure yourself by victories and I haven't done that this year.

Q. You do have great success in this part of the world and specifically this country as well; does that give you confidence?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, a little bit. I love it out here. There are so many expats out here it's almost like being in the U.K. It's a lot of fun. The golf courses are so well prepared. It's a different desert than the one I seem to spend a lot of time in Arizona, but nonetheless it's a lot of fun. Anywhere you play, I try and draw a bit of energy from the places you go to, but the Middle East and UAE in particular, it's a great place. Watched it develop over the last ten years since I've been coming here and built up a lot of friends and it's fun to play here.

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