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November 27, 2010

Paul Casey


Third Round 71. 8-Under. 208 Total.

Q. Sum up that day for us?
PAUL CASEY: Not very happy with it. Played very well. Not that I'm counting, but I believe I had two 3-putts and a 4-putt. So I mean, the fact that I'm 8-under with that, shows that I think I hit it pretty well tee-to-green. That's frustrating because I should be further up.

Q. Any reason on it? Obviously the greens are faster than we are used to over here on The European Tour?
PAUL CASEY: Well, I bent my putter, don't know doing what, and I put in a new one this week and I'm not used to it yet. Simple as that. These greens are fast and haven't quite got the speed dialed in on that new putter. It rolls it brilliantly, but it's a little bit different from the one I've been using.

Q. When the greens are this fast, it's all about feel, isn't it, and that is something that you need to bond with your putter.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, if you get the speed wrong, how can you pick a line if you don't get the speed line or we don't know how far the golf ball is going to go. That's the problem I've had. Frustrating but I'm still in it. Depending what Poulter does on the last, I'm four back or five back, all to play for.

Q. The fact that you are still in there, with that putting exhibition today, it must be very encouraging for you?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, we are at the stage of the season right now, it's not a case of being encouraged, it's either -- you're trying to win.

Q. If you can get that putter going --
PAUL CASEY: Things are good. Crickey, I've played good golf for a long time now. Sort of latter half of the season and it's more of the same stuff. I just, you know, really want to put in a phenomenal round tomorrow and try to finish off my European season on a high note.

Q. A win would be nice. But like you say -- nobody is really running away with it today, were they?
PAUL CASEY: Different wind direction. I don't know, different wind direction and tricky greens. I mean, they are very grainy. Westy, obviously he dismantled the golf course this year and I said, what's the difference and he said the greens are much grainier this year. That makes it more difficult to sometimes get the ball on the correct line and make the putts.
That's why I don't think anybody's gone bananas today and taken it low, apart from Poulter's playing very well obviously but he's the only one. And there was a lot of great players up there, I thought more stuff would happen.

Q. Still very bunched, and you were here with the world No. 1, weren't you, and Poulter is obviously on a bit of form at the moment, isn't he?
PAUL CASEY: He is indeed. He's a fan that thrives on confidence and I think he wanted to show Westy today, after their banter on Twitter yesterday.

Q. Good crowds out there, good atmosphere?
PAUL CASEY: It's very good. It's great crowds. I've read some stuff that is maybe bashing it a bit. Thursdays are still -- out here, I can't figure out what the weekend is, but Thursday is their sort of final workday of the week and as we know things are not what we used to be with the economy, so people are working hard. Yesterday and today have been absolutely brilliant. I think it's great. I think it helps with the four English men at the top of the leaderboard, because there are a lot of expats wandering around, which is very, very nice.

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