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November 14, 2010

Heath Slocum


HEATH SLOCUM: I didn't have my best stuff all week, but I was just grinding out there. And then I pulled up and hit two of my best all week, and had this putt on the last. I know it's going to be fast, and I just still hit it too hard.
But the good thing is I had a pretty good line on the next one. I felt like I could be a little bit aggressive, and I hit a good putt, and it went in. So I don't know exactly what it does.

Q. As of right now you're 30th on the Money List.

Q. He's done. He bogeyed this hole. You were flip-flopped. He was 30th; you were 31st, and he bogeyed this hole.

Q. And left here with flames shooting out of every orifice, as you can imagine.
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah. Totally. Obviously I came in here to try to improve my position, hold my position, but also, I'll be honest, I came here for a good tournament and a good finish. And disappointed that way, but if I did hold on to 30, I'll be honest, it was a good week.

Q. Is that a relief to know that you're in the Masters and the U.S. Open?

Q. To not worry about that?
HEATH SLOCUM: Sure. I mean it's just two more tournaments that, you know, two majors that if you're in, you're in.
I mean and you can't win them without getting in them, so yeah. If I have an opportunity to start, I feel like I've at least got a chance. I got my hat -- my name in the hat.
And obviously it's good to be able to set your schedule a little earlier and be in tournaments and go from there. It makes life just a little bit easier travel wise, scheduling wise I should say.

Q. How much did you study the Money List before the week started? You just kind of knew where you were at?
HEATH SLOCUM: I knew I was 30th. I knew there was Geoff Ogilvy, and there was a couple in front of me; and I knew he wasn't here, and I had to make some money. I mean he isn't here, and you had to finish -- I don't even know what you had to finish, probably 34th or 35th to pass him totally. I'm not even sure.
I have no idea. I really didn't. I knew I was in 30th, I knew I came here to play golf and try to have a good finish, and between my brother-in-law, who was caddying with me and on the bag this week, and my mom, they were definitely watching and telling me -- not on the golf course, but they were saying, you know, my brother-in-law was like, if I tell you two more, you need two more. I said, but dude, I'm trying as hard as I can anyway.

Q. In other words, you would have liked to have given yourself a little bit of a cushion going into today at least instead of --
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, for a couple different reasons. Obviously getting myself in the event, a little further along, but yes, definitely, than have to go out there and -- I'm grinding regardless. I'm a grinder, but at the same time, you know, it just would have made life a lot easier on the last tournament of the year.

Q. Do you celebrate this?
HEATH SLOCUM: 100 percent. Yeah. Yeah. I mean like I said, I came here to do two things, have a good week and try to, you know, keep my spot. And I didn't have a great week, but if I kept my spot, like I said, it's a successful week. And I will. I'll be happy, very happy.

Q. You were in China last week?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, and Malaysia.

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