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November 6, 2010

Tiger Woods


Third Round 73 (-3) 213 Total.

TIGER WOODS: Not a very good day. I missed a lot of makeable putts, didn't hit the ball very well and just never got anything going.

Q. The start on 2 and 3, the two bogeys there, how much did that take out of you?
TIGER WOODS: Just like yesterday, same deal. I birdied 1 and bogeyed 2. Just need to hit a better tee shot obviously.

Q. Is it one of those things where the swing changes are a work-in-progress and it's just hard to string four good rounds together at the moment?
TIGER WOODS: I haven't done it yet. That's part of the building process. I can hit shots in a row, but I haven't strung it together for all 18 holes and I haven't done it for all 72. So just need to be patient and keep working on it.

Q. Where's your confidence level?
TIGER WOODS: It's pretty good. It's pretty good. I warm up pretty good, but then on the golf course when I have to hit certain shots or I don't feel comfortable, I kind of revert back to my old stuff, and therein lies the problem, because I'm caught right in between.

Q. Not committing on a particular shot?

Q. Before heading down to Melbourne tomorrow, I'm sure there's a 65 in your bag.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'd like to shoot something good, something positive and basically get it going again. I had a good first round, and the last two days I haven't done too much. I missed a lot of makeable putts the last two days.

Q. Pretty frustrating?
TIGER WOODS: Yesterday I had five lipouts and today I had five as well. I'm all around the hole. I just need to get the speed a little bit better.

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