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October 8, 2010

Heath Slocum


Q. Heath, let's talk about the first two days. Really solid, 66, 66?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah. I think I've played, like you just said, really solid. I drove it pretty good, missed a few fairways here and there, but more so right in the middle.
Hit some good iron shots, not quite my best, but I'm missing in the right spots. And then I've made -- you know, made some putts, a couple that I probably shouldn't have made and I missed a few that I probably should, but overall, pleased with where I am, and you know, look forward to the weekend.

Q. Yeah, I saw you and David got a good draw because you played late yesterday, you get up early, the course is in pristine condition. Did you take advantage?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, I think we did. The last two days we've played in relatively no wind, and the course is fantastic. It's in perfect shape, and with these kind of conditions you'll definitely see some birdies flying on the board. And I think definitely feeding off of them this week, the last couple days has really helped.

Q. You seem to be a guy who plays better late in the year, maybe your game gets going. Is that accurate?
HEATH SLOCUM: It just depends. The middle of this year was I think my best. Last year I played well towards the end.
I'm just looking at trying to get more consistent kind of throughout the year, but I'll definitely take any good play whenever it comes.

Q. And obviously you like this course.
HEATH SLOCUM: I do. I like the golf course a lot. I think it suits my eye well, and my job is just to go out and execute. So I'm happy with the first two days and I look to continue that.

Q. Well, sleep late tomorrow and enjoy the weekend.
HEATH SLOCUM: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Q. What was your secret today?
HEATH SLOCUM: I don't think there's any big secret. I only missed maybe one fairway, maybe? Maybe two. And same with the greens. I only missed a couple greens. You know, I missed a couple, but kept it in front of me.

Q. Is it more important to hit fairways out here than greens maybe?
HEATH SLOCUM: Well, it depends. Some of this runoff, if you shortside yourself and it's in those runoffs, you could easily make double. It's easy to hit one fat or just knock it 10 feet by if it rolls off into that rough. It's pretty tough.
So yeah, I think it's important to hit both. You don't want to be trying to judge fliers all day out of the rough. You definitely don't want to be trying -- kind of the same way on the greens. You're looking at either chunking it or catching it clean.

Q. I apologize if I'm stereotyping here, but is this the type of course that sets up well for players like you and David?
HEATH SLOCUM: I don't think it's really stereotyping. I mean I definitely think that it's a placement golf course. Accuracy is a premium.
I mean anybody can play it, but I think they're going to have to hit fairways, no matter if you're long, short, in between.
Again, you have to make putts. That's the thing. I've hit a lot of greens. I haven't initially hit them close, but I've made a couple that I probably shouldn't have. So just hitting fairways and just hitting greens isn't going to equal low scores, but definitely helps.

Q. Some guys overrate or underrate this here, but when the other guy in the group is playing real well, does that help you in any regard?
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah. It doesn't hurt for sure. I've seen a guy hit quality golf shots. I think it's always good when you're both close to the hole. Sometimes you know your own, but you know there's a hole there.
So yeah, I wouldn't say it helps in any way, but it sure doesn't hurt at all.

Q. Can you compare this to any other course on TOUR, maybe look at it and think Hilton Head maybe?
HEATH SLOCUM: A little bit, just because I think just the surroundings. I mean it's a different kind of golf course than Hilton Head, though. I mean there's no rough at Hilton Head. The greens are smaller at Hilton Head, but it's still a placement golf course, and in that aspect this is a lot like it. You have to hit it to a spot, you know, kind of try not to shortside yourself as much as possible, and you know, even if you have a couple 20-footers, the greens are so good; and they're not, you know, overly undulated, so you can make some putts out here.

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