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October 2, 2010

Stewart Cink

Bubba Watson


STEWART CINK: I was disappointed not to hit a good shot on the fairway and I was licking my chops, are you kidding me, and of course we knew they were rolling back in the water. But my partner came through there and held me up and got a good halve.

Q. Do you feel like you gave it away a little bit in terms of that shot on 17?
STEWART CINK: It's hard to feel that way because we didn't miss any opportunities, realistic opportunities inside 20 feet and made a couple of bombs. Yesterday we had the mojo with the bombs, and today they had it. That's what the Ryder Cup is all about. It was a great match, hard-fought and a halve point is about what both teams deserved.

Q. To get out in the lead, assuming you get to finish this way, particularly based on how you guys started --
STEWART CINK: Yeah, we didn't start too late yesterday in the downpour. It's hard to gauge if we are playing poorly or not but a lot of things kind of weird in that kind of weather. But any session you can lead is good, especially early on in this Ryder Cup, because you know, it's just hard to build momentum from behind and come back and overtake the lead.
If we can get a lead here early, I don't know what we look like right now, but definitely huge for us.

Q. Hard-fought match and you guys made really well. Took a little extra time than you thought but you got a win.
BUBBA WATSON: No, it didn't take more time than we thought. These guys are great players.

Q. In terms of when it started.
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, I thought you were talking about them. No, it definitely took a lot of time that way, took two days. But it was a fun first match, played against two great fighters. It was very fun but you know, my partner made a lot of good putts. I was in the hole and gave him a lot of confidence and he made the putts and we happened to win our rookie match. It was nice.

Q. You go out this afternoon against Poulter, and Donald, that will be another tough match, what will it take, making more putts, good iron shots?
BUBBA WATSON: No, it's just going to be quality shots, because it's alternate-shot, right. It's going to be alternate-shot, so it's going to be quality shots. Jeff hits a lot of fairways and makes a lot of putts, so hopefully I'll hit some iron shots and have some good opportunities, and you know, hopefully we can have some birdie putts and he can make some. Hopefully we can come out victorious but just a hard-fought battle it's going to be really.

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