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October 1, 2010

Stewart Cink

Matt Kuchar

Phil Mickelson

Bubba Watson


Q. What do you think about the changes?
MATT KUCHAR: I think it's a good decision and as long as the two sides agree upon it, it's good.
STEWART CINK: When you are ball is going to the hole, it feels great, especially in The Ryder Cup.
It was fun. We had a little different weather this morning and this afternoon, but the hole looked big and the ball was rolling nice. I played really well, I really did. Matt Kuchar is going to be a big part of this match tomorrow.

Q. Did the break allow you to regroup a little bit? What did you do afterward that made you play so well afterwards?
STEWART CINK: It's just so hard to gauge how well you were playing before because the weather just stunk. It was impossible to look back and get any feedback out of that round. I don't know how to really answer your question, because we played well after in other words -- we didn't play poorly before, but it was a mess out there before. So we came out with the 1-down score, and with he had to do some work from there.

Q. How bad were the rain suits?
STEWART CINK: It was raining so hard, they took on a little bit of water, because just about any rain suit in the world will do that. It was really more of a function of how hard it was raining on us than the suit itself.

Q. Are you familiar with the format tomorrow? They are going to change the format and play all of you guys tomorrow in the second session, they are going to do six foursomes and in the third session do two foursomes and four fourballs again so they are going to go out there and have everybody try to rush it through.
STEWART CINK: I just hope every group knows what format they are supposed to play because that can get into a real mess. (Laughing).

Q. Trying to get back in the match, 1-down but a few holes to play. What do you have to do tomorrow?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, we are through 12, so we have six holes left and we fought hard to get back to down. We were 3-down through six. We fought hard to get 1-down. They made a couple of long par putts on the par 5 to keep their lead but we are knocking on the door trying to get that back.

Q. Do you take anything from the first five holes today?
PHIL MICKELSON: We played poorly and we played tight and Dustin birdied 7 and it freed us up, and we started playing a little bit looser and making some birdies.

BUBBA WATSON: The weather played a part, but all in all, it's a great day, it was a fun day, very enjoyable. I got to play with a buddy, that was his first time, so we talked about a lot of stuff out there and how excited we are to play in The Ryder Cup and how far fun it really is.
Playing in The Ryder Cup for the first time, everything is perfect. We are blessed to do what we do. We are blessed to play in The Ryder Cup, and you know, a lot of people don't get to play in The Ryder Cup. I think 178 people have played in The Ryder Cup on our side total, so it's special and it's an honour to do it.

Q. Have you heard about the format change?
BUBBA WATSON: I have not heard about the format change.

Q. They are going to have all four of you guys play in alternate-shot; how do you feel about having to race back out there again?
BUBBA WATSON: I love it. That means I can get more experience in The Ryder Cup and feel the excitement in the air and hopefully put some points up.

Q. How were the rain suits?
BUBBA WATSON: I loved them. They were great. Some people had some problems with them. Some water was I guess seeping through, but we were winning so we were having a good time.

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