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September 26, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Sum up how you're feeling after the end of this tournament.
PAUL CASEY: Oh, yeah, you know, not bad. Today was a very tough day, and I played very good golf. You know, I gave it 100 percent, and if I walk off the golf course and I give 100 percent, then there's nothing else I can do. You know, I ground it out. I'm a bit baffled. I managed to finish, I think, tied for 4th and I'm still dropping a spot in the FedExCup, so that's confusing me slightly.
But the guys who are ahead of me have played tremendous golf, and there's not a lot for me to be unhappy about at this point.

Q. Do you even begin when you're out there to even think about the permutations?
PAUL CASEY: I just don't bother. I knew I needed to be first or second, simple as that. I looked at the leaderboards after 15, the par-5, I birdied there, moved to 6-under, and saw that at that point Furyk was 9 and a logjam for second place, three guys at 7-under, and those guys are still yet to play the par-5, 15th, which is reachable today, and I felt that one of them or all of them were going to make birdie there. So really even if I got to 7, it wasn't going to be good enough.
I didn't become more aggressive, but I just stuck to the game plan and finished up the round, and I watched Luke's amazing chip-in or bunker shot on 17 -- chip-in, there you go. Luke never punches the air, so for him to punch the air it must have been a pretty good chip-in.

Q. Talk about the rain. Was that a big factor?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it was a factor. It made the golf course -- the golf course became fairly soft down the fairways. It played very, very long. It made the golf ball incredibly difficult to judge how it was coming off the face, and the golf ball didn't want to, you know, do what you were trying to do with it.
I hit a shot into 16 that looked very good and I was just trying to put a little bit of cut on it, and the ball actually turned over right to left. So very difficult to control it, and it made -- certainly playing this afternoon, the guys who actually got finished this morning I think were chuckling at us because this afternoon it was very, very difficult.

Q. Jim Furyk looks quite unflappable out there.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, that's what Jim Furyk is, Mr. Unflappable. Great temperament, wonderful ball striker. He's got the whole package. There is no surprise to any of the guys playing in this tournament that Jim has hung around on the top of the leaderboard and hasn't given anything to anybody and looks like he's going on to win this thing.

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