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September 24, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. A couple comments about the day?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, really, I fought my swing today. I scored brilliantly considering that, on 14 or 15 holes, considering.
The last three or four, I think that sort of caught up with me a little bit. The course is so difficult, if you get on the wrong side of it, you're going to pay the price.
I really don't often go and hit golf balls after a round of golf, but I'm about to go hit golf balls. It's that bad.

Q. Do you have any clue what was happening?
PAUL CASEY: I wish I did. I'll be calling Mr. Kostis, saying please help.

Q. On the range could you tell it was going to be a day of fighting?
PAUL CASEY: It's kind of been that day this week so far. What I have done is I've had a really good attitude. I think just having a great attitude and trying to manage my own game, and I haven't been hitting it great but just trying to put it in certain areas, and that's still the plan for the rest of the week. But if I want to get back up there and challenge these guys, I'm going to have to get ahead of it.

Q. Was there a thought in the back of your head, I wonder how long this is going to go on?
PAUL CASEY: I'm trying to fix that. I'm not worrying about that. Going and dropping shots, I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried about trying to figure out how to pick up shots. You know, I need to be at least second to pass Kuchar, and that's depending on what everybody else does. Really there's only one thing I'm trying to figure out.

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