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September 10, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. Talk about your day.
TIGER WOODS: Well, I made nothing today. That pretty much sums it up. I hit the ball a hell of a lot better than my score indicates. I had a lot of putts inside 15 feet, and I think I made one there on the last hole, and that was it.

Q. You made a good one on 17.
TIGER WOODS: That was outside 15 feet.

Q. The first eight holes you played pretty well.

Q. You left some putts out there.
TIGER WOODS: I made nothing. I made a couple par putts, and that was it. Every birdie putt I hit in there stiff, I didn't make them.

Q. If you go back and look over the years, you've always been such a good putter. Is it true maybe that you've taken that for granted a little bit and you just expect to make the putts?
TIGER WOODS: I just haven't made a lot of putts out there this week so far. The guys ahead of us weren't making anything, missed a couple short ones, we missed a few short ones in our group today. It was a little tough to putt out there. You've got to hit good putts, and more than anything you've got to give yourself a lot of looks because you're not going to make all of them, but the more looks you've got, obviously your chances go up.

Q. What is the key to putting on these greens?
TIGER WOODS: Well, they were pretty darned good last year, but obviously with the summer heat, they kind of lost a few of these greens, and they're slow and a bit bumpy, but we all have to putt them.

Q. Is it easier for you to find a key on the green than it would be if you were struggling with your swing?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I feel like I'm hitting good putts; they're just not going in on these things. A lot of putts were lacking speed. It's hard to make myself hit putts that hard, but I've got to make the adjustment.

Q. Are you thinking at all about the number you have for Atlanta? Where does that come in?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I'm just trying to post good numbers, hit good shots, place the ball accordingly on the correct side of the fairways, correct side of the greens, and go from there.

Q. I know we've still got two rounds to go obviously, but what's the game plan?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I did it last year on the weekend. Hopefully I can do it again.

Q. When you're working on your swing like you've been here, is there any fear of sacrificing the short game?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, absolutely no doubt. When I went through the changes with Butch and Hank and now with Sean, I went through stretches where I didn't chip the ball well or putt well because there's only so much time you have to spend, and I've been working hard on my full swing. It's coming around, but certainly my short game is not where it needs to be.

Q. Does the technique change if you change your full swing? Do you have to change your technique --
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it's one of the things I have to talk to Stevie about. I'm kind of caught right between takeaways, and I hit some bad shots around the greens because of it. It'll come around, just need more time, more practice. Even my full swings, I got caught in between the takeaways today a few times and hit a couple loose ones because of it like I did yesterday.

Q. When you're going through a change like this, how tempting is it to go back to what you've been doing because it's comfortable and it's automatic?
TIGER WOODS: Well, when I concentrate on just hitting a golf shot and get a feel for a golf shot, then my tendency is to go back. I have to concentrate on my swing and work on the new fundamentals. Even if I have to hit creative shots out of the trees, I still have to do it according to the new framework. I've been through this process before, so I understand, and I've just got to be patient.

Q. How would you describe it, awkward, funny --
TIGER WOODS: It feels very similar to what I used to do as a kid. Obviously there were a few tweaks to it, but the speed I'm able to generate, the compact I'm able to generate is what I used to do as a kid.

Q. When you were younger did you (inaudible)?
TIGER WOODS: I did, but I moved back onto the ball a lot more than I did as I got older. Now I just eliminate the back part.

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