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September 10, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Comments on the day?
PAUL CASEY: I was very happy with that. Only my second competitive round around this place, but I enjoyed it. I shot the ball well. I did a lot of things very well. I made a silly bogey on 10, but apart from that, I think I was very consistent and solid.

Q. The course, was it playing much different today than yesterday? Harder to score?
PAUL CASEY: I thought the greens were better, and I think they're going to get better as the week goes on. Depends on how much rain we get tomorrow. So that was nice. Maybe it was just because we were off early. Yesterday they got a little bit chewed up. But they also got very bouncy yesterday afternoon. I don't know why, whether that was just wind and sun, but they were extremely firm, and Tim and I struggled to hold the golf ball coming in on the last few holes coming in yesterday afternoon. Today it was much softer. I don't know whether they put some water on the greens or what it was, maybe just the early morning, but I had the opportunity to probably go a little bit lower than I did yesterday, so maybe 2 was not a great score. Maybe I should have shot 3-under.

Q. Can you just talk about how you're doing? Emotionally how much were you affected by the Ryder Cup decision, and just where are you right now?
PAUL CASEY: I'm in a good place right now. I went down and played Pine Valley with a bunch of guys on Tuesday, Wednesday after Barclays. We had Ogilvy and Bones, Kostis, McCord. We had a great time. We had an absolute blast. I had never played it before, so it was a pleasure to play it, and I really enjoyed it. It was nice to have fun on the golf course and get round and get money taken off me and get the fun made out of me, as well.

Q. Did you have any hangover to get over it?
PAUL CASEY: Well, I had a hangover to get over. Is that what you meant? (Laughter.)

Q. Emotional I mean.
PAUL CASEY: I've played three of them now, and I was mentioned in Sam's speech when he was picking the team back in it would have been '01, I think, so I've had to deal with a lot of Ryder Cup stuff in the last nine years or so. So I've become used to it.

Q. It doesn't make it easy, does it?
PAUL CASEY: I don't know.

Q. In some ways?
PAUL CASEY: It's done and dusted. You know what this game is like. You've got to get over things pretty quickly. I got over it pretty quickly.

Q. Has there been any fan reaction over here? I mean positive?

Q. Does that help you?
PAUL CASEY: I've heard a lot actually, but the really funny one, I got a guy in Boston, I made a long putt on the 6th for birdie, and he goes, "If that's the way you putt, I'm glad they didn't pick you."

Q. What are you going to do that week?
PAUL CASEY: I'm on holiday. I booked a holiday. I'm in neutral ground that week. I'm going to Canada, biking.

Q. What kind of comments or consolation have you gotten from any of your peers, and maybe the ones who were picks? Have you heard from them?
PAUL CASEY: Well, I mean, playing with Paddy on that Sunday -- I haven't talked to him since. That was obviously a tricky situation. Luke is obviously a very close friend, and I have not talked with Eduardo. I've had a lot of conversations with a lot of the American guys, as well, even the guys who have been picked by Corey and the guys who automatically qualified. You know, I don't think it's right -- I don't really want to sort of share what people's views are. I don't think that's right.

Q. Do you expect it'll come up?
PAUL CASEY: I've already spoken to George. George was here yesterday.

Q. I saw him here yesterday. How did that go?
PAUL CASEY: I'm not sure I should say what George said. I don't want to -- but it's not his decision.

Q. You guys govern yourselves.
PAUL CASEY: And he has his opinions, but it's not right to share those.

Q. You suspect it'll come up, though?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it's a fair question, and I think with guys like Kaymer, McDowell and possibly others in the near future joining the PGA TOUR, we could have a situation where, what are we going to do? And I understand the TOUR wants to protect -- the European Tour wants to protect the European Tour, but we also want to get the best team possible.
I don't know what the solution is. It might be something where they switch the five off the World Rankings and four off the money; that would have taken care of a lot of stuff, I think, looking at the numbers.
It will come up. Maybe the timing will come up, as well.

Q. That they'd move it back a little and not do it in the middle of a final round --
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. That would be -- for me, I mean, the decision is one thing, but how it went down --

Q. Why could they not do it on Monday? I know all the media is there, but you could stay over and do it in the morning and he could have all night to think about it and wait for the American results to come in, I mean, that seems like a simple fix even if nothing else changes, then at least he can weigh the information from that day's results. If Luke had gone on and won the Barclays, maybe he's a no-brainer pick.
PAUL CASEY: And he could have, the way he was playing. You'd have to ask him what happened on the back. But he was two shots off -- yeah.
I don't know. I'd like to think that that will be changed, but --

Q. When is their next meeting?
PAUL CASEY: Good question. I'm not sure.

Q. Have you heard from Monty other than the voice mail or text that he left you that day?
PAUL CASEY: We've been relaying messages.

Q. Is it cordial, or --
PAUL CASEY: Oh, of course, yes. Monty is a friend, yeah. He's under a lot of -- he was in a very difficult position. We share the same manager, Kinnings. No, he's a friend.

Q. Are you too American? Is that a fair comment? Is that a bad thing? From where we're standing it doesn't seem like a -- I guess that was intended as a slap. You've been here a while.
PAUL CASEY: That came from media.

Q. I know that.
PAUL CASEY: So that's not --

Q. Well, there was a good amount of character assassination that struck me as being almost --
PAUL CASEY: You know, I didn't get to reading -- no offense to you guys, I didn't get to reading what you were writing because it was across the pond. I didn't get to reading it. I don't get anything by being vocal on the subject, nor reading a lot of the stuff, because it's -- yeah, I mean, the facts were there. I did pick up some stuff about not supporting the Tour, and I know the facts. I know how many I played in Europe compared to guys who were picked, so I'm not even going to get into that.

Q. Did you win one of these BMWs on that Tour that you don't play in very much, one of them along the way somewhere?
PAUL CASEY: I've won a BMW, PGA at Wentworth last year.

Q. Your picture is hanging in the media center.
PAUL CASEY: It is, yeah. That's why my ugly mug is in that media center.

Q. You won the Johnnie Walker, right?
PAUL CASEY: I've won the Johnnie Walker twice, yes, at Gleneagles.

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