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September 5, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. Just the second time this year you've backed up rounds in the 60s. You've got to be feeling like you're making some progress with your game.
TIGER WOODS: I am. Today was a little bit of a struggle. I didn't make any putts today. But I got off to kind of a poor start, just didn't make any putts. It was nice to finish on that last hole with a birdie.

Q. Whenever you make changes there's always a certain level of doubt and uncertainty. After a horrible start the first round, you got it back. Are you starting to get to the point where you can diagnose your swing during the course of a round and make adjustments that you need to make?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, because these are new adjustments. I've obviously learned the principles. But it is new. It's interesting with the wind blowing. I almost like revert back to my old self when the wind blows. It was a little bit of a challenge trying to focus and think about what I was doing, and I thought I did a pretty good job of that in the middle part of the round.

Q. You were able to get yourself in the clubhouse at 2-under.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I had to commit to what I was doing out there today, and I did for the most part.

Q. Really impressive on the front nine, 3-under through 7, and then as far as I know some birdies didn't go down but a couple big par putts went in.
TIGER WOODS: I did, I made a couple big par putts. I didn't make a lot of putts today. I just had a hard time seeing my line. I kept getting all those double-breaking putts. I brought Stevie in on a lot of the reads because they were pretty tricky.

Q. Really big flop on 18 and a nice result.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I didn't have a very good lie. It was kind of nice to spin it into the grain. The good news is (inaudible) kind of offsets being the grain, and it hopped up there.

Q. Are the greens picking up speed?
TIGER WOODS: A little, but not too bad, though. They're a little bit more springy, and the wind is blowing on the greens, so there was a lot of wind on a couple putts.

Q. Just comments on the day?
TIGER WOODS: Well, overall today I think I played better than what my score indicated. I had a lot of putts that I didn't make today. I made a couple nice par putts, but boy, I missed a lot of birdie putts. I kept getting double breaking putts, and I brought Stevie in on quite a few reads today trying to figure it out.

Q. At 8, again, was one of those holes that seemed to get you going, especially when yesterday you --
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it was a nice putt there. Geez, I knelt down, and just past the hole there about a foot and a half the putt is running away, and I know that, and I still hit it too hard. It was nice to make about a ten-footer there.

Q. It got your juices flowing?
TIGER WOODS: I did hit the ball well after that, and unfortunately I made bogey there at 9, but hit a lot of good shots after that.

Q. Talk about playing with Ernie today.
TIGER WOODS: It's always fun to play with E. If you think, it was '94 when I first played against him, so it's been a long time.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: Today was definitely more of a challenge. When the wind blows, nothing really feels natural. I had to really grind and stay committed to what I was doing out there. I did it for the most part. Early on I was struggling a little bit, but fixed it, got it, and hit a lot of good shots after that.

Q. What were you most pleased about today?
TIGER WOODS: Just being able to commit to these changes, especially in the wind and shaping the shots. That was a good step forward today.

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