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August 29, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. What's your reaction to the news?
PAUL CASEY: Actually, I've not -- not really officially heard.

Q. Supposedly you got a text message and a voice mail waiting somewhere for you?
PAUL CASEY: I haven't looked yet. I saw Caroline Harrington, gave Ronan the thumbs up on the 7th hole. And then it went fairly quiet, and so I figured that was it.
Caroline's a great friend. She would have said something to me if I had been picked. So at that point I kind of knew that I hadn't. Surprise? I just got off the golf course. I was trying to keep my composure and put in a solid performance today. Hopefully we finished top 10.

Q. Given your position in the World Rankings, Paul, and third in the Open and things like that, quite a few of us are surprised. Are you surprised, you just came off the course, as you said.
PAUL CASEY: I probably need time to take it in. Simple fact is I'm not on the team. And I think Europe, they've got an unbelievable team. I wish them the best for the match, simple as that.
I'm not going to stand here and sort of plead a case for why I should be on the team. It's done and dusted. I tried my hardest and I didn't make it.

Q. Has Monte dropped any hints at all where his thoughts were? I know obviously you would have liked to be in Gleneagles.
PAUL CASEY: You know, it's a week. Myself, Padraig, Justin, Luke, we keep bumping up to each other in the players lounge, sitting there. Even on the golf course I walked on to the 5th tee today with Padraig and Luke strolled by shooting a great round, walking on to the 9th tee and kind of looked at each other. We didn't know. We had no clue that either the announcement had been made or was about to be made.
So a difficult one.

Q. Do you think not being in Gleneagles will certainly hurt your prospect?
PAUL CASEY: Something you'll have to ask [inaudible].

Q. [Inaudible] nine and ten in the World Rankings waiting for handouts?
PAUL CASEY: I've got to probably think about that. I don't want to stand here and it's not -- I didn't make the team. I wasn't picked. I didn't qualify automatically. I wish I had. Coming off last year being injured, you're not making any points. Really last year hurt my ability to qualify automatically for the team.
And I didn't make it. That's up for the committee and European Tour to sort out of which I'm a member of the committee, but we will see. I hope -- my best wishes go to the team and I'll be supporting them in the match and I want them to win.

Q. Once you figured it out, Paul, was it awkward playing the last hour or so with Padraig?
PAUL CASEY: Hour or so? It was about two-and-a-half hours. It was difficult.

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