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August 29, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. How close do you think you are to winning?
TIGER WOODS: If I would have putted like I did today in the middle two rounds I would be up there. Ironically I hit it better yesterday than I did today. And the only difference is I putted better today.
That's what you have to do. And I putted good the first day and I putted good today. The middle two rounds I didn't. Consequently, I shot myself out of it.

Q. Can you gauge how close you feel to putting all those phases together for four rounds?
TIGER WOODS: If I just putt well this week or for all four days, I'm right there. The way I hit the golf ball all week, drove it pretty much on the string all week. And really controlled my irons. Unfortunately didn't putt well in the middle two rounds.

Q. Overall, pleased with your performance?
TIGER WOODS: Very pleased. And I found something in my stroke today which was good. I was warming up. And I went with it. And I hit a lot of good putts today.

Q. Remember the last time you were this optimistic about state of affairs, all things included?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, probably PGA. So probably not that long.

Q. How about Boston, a course you've always done pretty well on?
TIGER WOODS: Looking forward to it. The next three events, the next three venues I've won on. So I'm going to three venues I'm very familiar with and looking forward to it.

Q. You had a couple of days on the course, what's your assessment of the course?
TIGER WOODS: Finally it played fast, it got quick yesterday. But today it's really quick. Couple of mud balls out there, but still the greens are really fast. You got to be very careful. I mean, if it would have played like this on Thursday, we would have had a major championship on our hands, basically, with four or five-inch rough and with greens like this.

Q. Going home to work on your game?

Q. What kind of, just swing stuff?
TIGER WOODS: Same thing, just keep progressing what I'm doing.

Q. Hear about Monte's picks today?
TIGER WOODS: No, I've been playing all day.

Q. We all think it's going to be Molinari who won today --
TIGER WOODS: He did win?

Q. Birdied the last three holes to win by one. So he kind of had to pick him. And Casey and Potty. They're going in there with -- I'm sorry, Donald. Sorry. I should have written it down. They're going in with six rookies. Six rookies affect anything, what was your first time like?
TIGER WOODS: My first time? It was certainly interesting. Luckily I had my big brother as my partner the first two matches, which was good, yeah.

Q. You mentioned putting, if you take away the first win yesterday, do you feel that would have put you pretty much right there?
TIGER WOODS: Well, with two bad putting rounds, I'm pretty close. I would have been right there.

Q. Ask you about 5: 3-wood today, short of the pin. What were you trying to do?
TIGER WOODS: I was trying to put the ball in the rough or the bunker, down to the right. I had no lie to try to play at the flag. And I couldn't control it enough to put the ball in the bunker in front of me on the upslope. So I had to play up the gap to make sure I had an angle up the hill.

Q. (Inaudible)?
TIGER WOODS: I didn't have a lie to go at the flag. If I did have a lie I was going to put it in the bunker in the upslope, it was an easy pitch. But with that lie, if I carried it on the green, it's over the green in the other bunker with no shot.

Q. A little more broader, when you take a 73 today and turn it into a 68, or a 70 and turn it into a 74, what's happening there? Is it strictly putting?
TIGER WOODS: For me right now the way I hit the ball I thought that I hit the ball better yesterday. But I putted better today. People don't realize you really have to putt. I ground my swings a lot better. But still have to make putts.

Q. You just said the other day it was harder than you let on to deal with everything in your life. We sort of try to guess whether you're less distracted or more able to concentrate just on golf. Do you feel like there was any closure that anything has changed as you move forward from this tournament on?
TIGER WOODS: Certainly moving forward. As I said earlier this week, we're all focused on our kids, and that's where we're at right now.

Q. Winning you've done it obviously better than anybody else, when you don't win, is it difficult to focus on the positives or are you able to do that even when you don't?
TIGER WOODS: I certainly haven't won all year. But this is a week that I was very close at. I felt that if I would have put together on the greens for all four days I would have been right there. But looking forward to next week.

Q. It's easy to say this now because you haven't won, this far into the year, but as you look back on it, do you feel like it was the right decision to come back for Augusta or maybe you needed to just really take a lot more time?
TIGER WOODS: This is my job. This is what I do. And this is something that I love doing. And I want to get back out here.

Q. Can you base your performance on where you finished on the leaderboard, or do you just base it on how you played?
TIGER WOODS: Both. Both. As I said, I hit it good all four days. And if I would have putted a little bit better the middle two rounds, then I would have been right there. I would have been battling these guys out on the back nine. Today, I felt even if I got to a quick start, if I could post 10, 11 or 12 at the end of the day, I would have been -- it would have been interesting.

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