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August 27, 2010

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I hit the ball just as good today as I did yesterday. But I didn't putt well at all. I didn't have the speed at all on the greens. I was leaving it way short or blowing it by the hole. Couldn't figure out the speed. When the greens get this bumpy, you have to hit pure putts and I wasn't hitting the ball -- wasn't rolling the ball good enough for them to go in.

Q. Two birdies on the back nine and then four bogeys on the front nine. What was the big difference between the two sides?
TIGER WOODS: I hit a couple loose iron shots, but more than anything I didn't putt well.
I just could not get my speed right. And when you get greens like this, you have to get the ball rolling quickly. I wasn't doing that.

Q. Talk about 5. A lot of guys trying to go right for the green. You laid up on that and bogeyed on that hole. Talk about that one.
TIGER WOODS: It was a tough tee shot for me. I had to take something off and hit it in the air. Not an easy thing to do with a driver.
Pin was back. Normal drive. But with the pin off, I had to take something off of it and cut it. I didn't feel comfortable doing it. I laid up and trusted my wedge game and fortunately I 3-putted.

Q. Talk about the position you're in, in terms of winning the tournament, where you stand?
TIGER WOODS: Only five back as of now. I'll see how good it is at the end of the day. A good weekend, you play around here and post good numbers, you'll move up the board. The guys aren't going to be tearing this place apart.

Q. Putt on 5?
TIGER WOODS: Ball was sitting in the hole, I could see it. I was trying to hit up on it and hook it like I normally do. I didn't do it. I blocked it. Exact opposite of what I was trying to do.

Q. Psychologically, did that one hurt you just because you've been getting good momentum going and then --
TIGER WOODS: That's just the way it is. The next shot I piped right down the middle of the fairway, blocked a 9-iron in there. Put it behind me. Striped the next one and hit a loose iron shot and ended up making bogeys, back-to-back bogeys.

Q. When you're playing, you've got the swing and you're trying to groove it like this, yesterday obviously you had a nice groove. You hit all but one fairway today. So that obviously has got to be encouraging; but when it comes undone, do you know where it's coming undone?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. I didn't hit it bad at all. I hit it really good. As I said, I didn't putt really well. It goes to show you no matter how good you hit it, if you don't putt well -- I hit as good as I did yesterday. If I don't make putts, I don't hit scores.

Q. What happened on the chip on No. 2?
TIGER WOODS: Photographer took a photo on my downswing and I flinched and luckily I flinched, I went back on it and threw the club down at the same time to hopefully make contact. Luckily I didn't fight it or blade it, but she timed it well.

Q. Seen it over the years, how difficult is it to hit a shot through a photographer's click there?
TIGER WOODS: I flinched, and sometimes you flinch and hit it off line. Sometimes -- I timed it up well. I was just very lucky.

Q. After 36, are you hitting more fairways because you're using fewer drivers because you're swinging better, or both?
TIGER WOODS: Probably all the above. Right now I'm hitting it further than I've ever hit it. I'm hitting the driver just as far, comparatively.
So where am I going to hit it around here, that's my point, is that a couple of the holes I wanted to hit it like, for instance, on 17, I wanted to hit it but now I'm bringing it through the fairway. So a few holes I wanted to hit it today but it just didn't work out.

Q. How did you find the mud holes today?
TIGER WOODS: I only had two today. I had one on, was it, 12. I actually got away with it. It was right on the back of the ball. I made contact with the mud and somehow got to the green. There was one other one on that side as well.

Q. When you're swinging with this, are you more worried about falling back on your downswing or getting too far ahead of it on your downswing?
TIGER WOODS: I've never got too far ahead of it.

Q. Not worried about that one?
TIGER WOODS: Never got too far out of it.

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