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August 27, 2010

Kevin Streelman


Q. Talk about the day.
KEVIN STREELMAN: It was just one of those days that didn't get off to a super fast start but stayed patient early. Birdied, bogey, got a birdie right after that. Caught fire on the backside shooting 29, my front side.
I'm sorry, my backside, but the front side. And just kept the ball in play and got up-and-down when I got in trouble and made a ton of putts when they were in front of me.

Q. What is it about this place?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's pretty special to me. My family roots are here. My grandparents are buried right off No. 7 there. And it's home for my parents. So it's just -- it's a special, it's like a special home for me, special place.

Q. What part of Jersey?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Glen Rock. They spent 30, 31 years before they moved to Chicago. Then they had me right when they got to Chicago. I was born and raised in Chicago. But they were born and raised here.

Q. Talk about being where you are halfway through the tournament?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's exciting. Coming here as the bubble guy for next week, 100, 102 going into next week, it's a big goal to keep on going through the playoffs. You just have to stay patient.
If an opportunity presents itself, making putts, playing well, take advantage of it and hopefully this weekend I can do that.

Q. Do you feel a lot of pressure today based where you were after --
KEVIN STREELMAN: I think I had a little of pressure after I chipped in on 18 and birdied 1, and all of a sudden I was at like 1 or 2-under. It was like, let's keep it going. Then the birdies started flowing after that. I was like while we're at it let's try to get to the top of the leaderboard. So I was able to do that.

Q. What are some of your favorite holes here?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I think 5 is a brilliant short par 4. Really well designed. I think 18 is an extremely challenging finishing hole, especially the way the wind's been north all week, makes it play dead ended, so we're having 3-, 4-, 5-irons in where last time it was 8-, 9-irons in, making that hole challenging.
Par 5s, like 3 and 14 -- I think 13 or 14. They have the cut-out area short of -- have to hit the fairway or you're almost laying up to 250 yards. So it makes -- it's a little extra pressure on your tee shot. If you miss the fairway, have to make a tough decision whether you're laying up or trying to make get over to gorsh over there. Usually par 5s, you bang it as hard as you can and knock it up by the green. Takes a little more thought on these holes here.

Q. How did you play 5 today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Hit a great drive, right at the pin, caught just short, jumped into the bunker. Hit a nice bunker shot past the pin and spun it back to about 4 feet made the putt for birdie.

Q. In '08 was that one of your most special weeks?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, that's probably my favorite week so far on TOUR.

Q. What family and friends do you have here this week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I think today we had a group of about 15 or 20. I went to Duke, and a ton of my fraternity brothers work in the city, so they were all out yesterday. And today I had a bunch of the family. And this weekend a combination of everybody.

Q. You had a stretch of six birdies over seven holes, could you give us detail on that?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I didn't realize that.

Q. 18, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6?
KEVIN STREELMAN: 18 was an awesome chip-in. Kind of got my juices flowing a little bit. And some great shots on 1. Stuffed it in there eight feet. Made it.
3, hit it to three feet, made it.
4, hit it to 15 feet.
And 5 got that up and down.
And then 6 is a tough hole, but hit a great 7-iron in there about four feet and made that as well.
So just one of those, where you're getting in a zone and you're not thinking very much, you're just seeing and doing.
We experienced that sometimes as professional athletes. But today was one of those scenarios, one of those situations. So it's a lot of fun.

Q. Staying with your family this week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: No, we're staying at a hotel. But they're around.

Q. What impact if any does the good experience you had a couple of years ago carry over to this week coming back here?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Solidifies the fact I really love the golf course and love the area and the support I'm going to have out there this weekend.
And I'm going to do my best. And like I said, I said the last time, too, whether I shoot in the 80s or 60s, I'm going to have a good time and learn a little bit. So hopefully I've got a shot come Sunday afternoon.

Q. When you have so many friends and family here, like you said you're going to have over the weekend and you had yesterday and today, is it more pressure playing in front of people you actually know as opposed to just random fans out there?
KEVIN STREELMAN: No, I don't think pressure. I think there's so much love and support that it's very encouraging, and I love it. So not for me.

Q. How much larger was your gallery today than typically?

Q. Larger.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Oh larger. As far as personal friends and family is one of the bigger ones. You usually get a couple of people each week that you'll know from some part of the country, but to have 15 or 20 all in the same spot, doesn't happen too often.

Q. How many did you have two years ago here on a Sunday?
KEVIN STREELMAN: A lot. I couldn't give you a number. I finished out on 18, I'll never forget that applause. It felt like I was one of their sons here. It was cool.

Q. You have thoughts on being able to experience that and a little more on Sunday?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Absolutely. It's only Friday. I have a ton of work to do. I hopefully want to give myself a shot come Sunday. The game feels good.

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