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August 20, 2010

Kevin Streelman


MARK STEVENS: I'd like to welcome Kevin Streelman, Duke graduate. Shot today's personal best, 129 after 36 holes on Tour.
If you will, kind of talk a little bit about your round and then we'll take some questions.
KEVIN STREELMAN: I was excited to get out this morning. It wasn't much wind and the greens were good. After yesterday afternoon -- the greens get a little bumpier in the afternoon.
Got off to great start. Birdied the first three, continued and got another one at 7 and then made a nice putt on 8. So turned in 30.
Then made a great chip-in after a nice par save at 10. Made a nice chip-in on 11 to get to 6-under. And then, let's see, I made -- hit a really good shot into a tough pin at 12. 3-iron from 233, I hit about 12 feet and just missed that putt.
Was feeling really good with my game. I made a nice two-putt on the next, a nice -- hit a 3-iron into 14 which was playing very difficult today and made a nice par there.
Birdied 15, which you should do if you hit the fairway, and then just hit a really poor shot on 16 and ended up catching the water and made a double there. Came back with a great iron shot into 17 and a nice save on 18 as well. So it was a solid round. Excited to go on the weekend.
MARK STEVENS: Okay. Thank you. Questions.

Q. You referenced a little bit earlier about how much different the course was playing today than yesterday.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Well, obviously it's been so hot here in the area that bent greens are difficult, you know, to have healthy growth, growing seasons when it's this hot. They've done a great job just keeping them alive, because a lot of the courses in this area have lost their greens.
They have to pamper them and keep them longer and give them a lot of water at night in order to ensure their health and it just kind of means that the greens are a little slower than we're probably used to and also get a little spongy, little bumpy in the afternoons, the more people walk round them.
It's just hard to consistently make your 5 to 10-footers where the ball is bouncing a little bit. You just have to stay patient and try and hit solid putts.
The benefits of it, when the greens are that soft, you can really fire it at the pins. That's why yesterday when we were playing lift, clean and place yesterday and the scores were so low. Whenever you can give yourself a good lie with a clean ball, the soft greens, PGA Tour players that are hitting it well are going to be able to really attack.

Q. The obligatory FedExCup question, you're pretty well safe but I mean what kind of pressure, if any, are you feeling right now?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Not a ton right now. It is a comfort level that I know I'm in the first one at least. It would be nice to know you're in the second or third one.
You just got to take it week by week. As we advertise, one week can change anything. A win here for me would jump probably in the Top 30, 40. You just take it week by week and just try and get yourself into that position and, you know, to go along with that, the points are so heavy -- once The Playoffs begin, a good next week can jump you even that much higher. It makes it fun.
MARK STEVENS: Is that all? All right. Thanks a lot Kevin. Good luck this weekend.

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