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August 14, 2010

Tiger Woods


Q. On the par 5s this week--
TIGER WOODS: Tell me about it. I just didn't -- I haven't played them well all week. 5, I struggled there. 16, even when I hit a good tee shot there, for some reason I've struggled there.
It is what it is, and unfortunately you've got to make this -- you've got to make birdies on the par 5s and I haven't done that.

Q. If you look at your evolution, last week, obviously nothing really worked, but this week, you were grinding like the old Tiger, and you just didn't have a lot of game but you still were grinding. Do you look at that as an evolution of heading in the right direction?
TIGER WOODS: You know, Robert, actually, ironically enough today I hit the ball better than I did the first two days. I made nothing. You have to putt. I stuffed it in there early on the first few holes and made nothing, and also had a few other putts on the front nine. You know, no matter how good you hit it, you've still got to make putts. I just didn't do that today.

Q. What was happening with the putting stroke? Was there a mechanical problem?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I was playing too much break early, and every putt I missed on the high side, the greens were slower this afternoon. They have gotten slower as the day has gone on, and you know, they kept taking the lower lines on the back nine and just go ahead and beat it past the hole. They didn't really go past the hole.
So what I'm seeing and what's actually reacting are two totally different things, and that's something that I've struggled with.

Q. 5, you hit that drive -- what did you hit into 5 and how much would that have helped if you make something happen on 5 instead of struggling there?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I was caught right in-between clubs there. I was standing between -- it's 260 to the hole, 245 front and 5-wood downwind is just a lot of club. But 3-iron is not enough.
I can play to the right, but I hit it right of the green, up the green with a 3-iron, I know that, no problem, but I can't quite carry it over the water on the front part of the green. I went with a little 5-wood, and I happened to smoke it, and it was gone, and I rode the wind, as well. So it was out of here.

Q. You can't fix your car while you're driving, even though you try to do that in golf all the time; how crowded is your mind with swing thoughts and transitions and things through 30 holes?
TIGER WOODS: Actually, not bad. Not bad at all. Things are starting to solidify, which is good. That's a good thing. That's what I'm pleased about. It's not like I'm working on eight different things. It's just a couple key things, and it feels a lot better.

Q. If you're double-digits out of the lead tomorrow, how do you approach that; with inevitable disappointment, obviously, but how do you approach?
TIGER WOODS: Well, people have shot 50s before this year (laughing).

Q. Can you put your finger on what part of your game is maybe not as effective as other years?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's been a lot. You know, I haven't driven the ball well, except for two weeks this year, and even then, I didn't putt well those weeks. So no matter how good I hit it, even though I knocked it on the green or 3-putt and got around the green, I didn't get up-and-down. It's just been one of those years.

Q. Are you closer to encouraged or discouraged right now?
TIGER WOODS: Actually far more closer to encouraged. Far more.

Q. Why?
TIGER WOODS: Why? Because I feel so much better, how I'm hitting the golf ball now. The striking, the sound, the feel, more than anything, it feels good.

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