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August 14, 2010

Paul Casey


Q. Sum up the day?
PAUL CASEY: I'm glad we got finished and caught up. I'm glad I made the cut as the way I was hitting it on Thursday was not very good and then started today when we came back out with a three putt on the 8th hole. That was frustrating but maybe that lit a fire and got me angry to focus and knuckle down and I played the back nine in three under to make the cut and finish one under for two rounds. I kind of had it going.
The course is the easiest I have seen it and it is there for the taking as Nick Watney has shown by the way he started. So a bit annoyed I only shot 2-under as I should have shot lower than that.
I don't think I need to change anything and be more aggressive. I need maybe one more fairway, another putt to drop in and I can turn these two under rounds into a five under or something and soar up that leaderboard. I have played that back nine well the last two times I have played it. I like the wind direction we have had the last day and that has made it easier for me, and that would make me happy and I would feel very comfortable.

Q. In Ryder Cup Terms?
PAUL CASEY: I probably know more about others then I do myself. I know Harrington was only about 10,000 behind Jiménez and they both missed the cut. I am not sure what their schedules are. I thought it would have been interesting had he made the cut. But worrying about myself I think I need a top five to jump into the team but there is a long way to go.

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