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August 13, 2010

Bubba Watson


Q. You birdied your first two holes today in the second round and a few hiccups there over the last five or six host. What happened there, could you just take me through that?
BUBBA WATSON: They're playing easy downwind, obviously playing a lot shorter. It was funny because the wind was blowing harder I think and then I think the wind's blowing harder than at the British where they cancelled play for that day about 45 minutes.
So it's funny how we will play through it but everybody else had a stoppage in a tournament. It was definitely harder. It was blowing around and a couple putts didn't go in, but overall it was a good nine holes, tough conditions, but I fought through it and I still got a long way to go in the tournament.

Q. Considering the conditions here this afternoon, do you view it as an advantage or a disadvantage to having to wake up now and finish your round tomorrow morning?
BUBBA WATSON: I think it's great because hopefully the weather is better tomorrow, hopefully it's no wind. If it's better tomorrow then, yeah, I got nine holes to go to improve. Any time you can hang in there and still be close to the lead, then it's always good.

Q. How is everything feeling right now? Is your game feeling well right now?
BUBBA WATSON: Everything feels great. I'm just going to go home to rest. But everything feels great. I've been playing pretty well. If I can keep my mind in tact, keep focused and hopefully the wind dies down.

Q. How do you stay focused going into tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: I have no idea. You tell me and then I'll tell you. Yeah, it's hard to do. Hopefully I can stay focused somehow, get something that, watch a good movie or something tonight and maybe focus on something else besides golf.

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