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August 13, 2010

Phil Mickelson


Q. From where you were at certain times to the score you delivered, how do you assess that journey?
PHIL MICKELSON: This is a penalizing golf course to not play from the fairway. And I certainly explored a lot of areas here.
First 27 holes for me to keep it around par was a feat and I drove it better the last nine holes. Hit one bad drive and of course bogeyed that hole. But other than that, the holes that I drove it well on those last nine I was able to attack the pins. The greens are receptive, if you can get the ball in the fairway, you can go after the pins and once you're on the green you can really make a lot of putts. There's not too much break.

Q. How hard did you grind as a result of your tee play?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, yeah, I mean I grinded pretty hard just to get in and you just never know what can happen in a major and I shot 10-under on the weekend at Augusta and was able to leapfrog everybody and was quite aways back really at some points. I just want to be in a position where if I play like I know I can, I can make up some ground. And I feel like I'm within striking distance.

Q. You're often portrayed almost all the time as the ultimate gambler and whatnot, you don't really get a lot of credit for patience. How much did your patience come into it today. Certainly on the front nine and second nine.
PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah, it was a -- it required a lot of patience to not force the issue today. I obviously didn't have it all today. I wasn't putting myself in great positions off the tee, to where I could attack.
Because of that, I had to be patient and try to just keep myself in position to where I could maybe make up the ground over the next two rounds.

Q. Talk to us a little bit about you're the ultimate game plan guy and that you analyze the court and then you select special clubs to be able to handle that particular course, what in particular have you done special for Whistling Straits?
PHIL MICKELSON: I haven't done much except I would say one thing, is that the driver that I went to and used last week, which is shorter, it's a shorter driver and a heavier shaft. A lot of that was for Whistling Straits because I didn't feel distance was critical off the tee. I felt it was more important to keep the ball low and out of the wind. And so this driver launches a lot lower and stays in play. Should stay in play a lot more. But that wasn't obviously the case.

Q. Some players stay with their bag straight on through, why do you feel the need to focus on the actual nuances so much and do you think that that's what makes you win Majors?
PHIL MICKELSON: There are a lot of guys out here that travel with 17 or 1 clubs and then play the 14 they feel is best suited for that particular course. So I'm not unique in that area. And I do the same. I only have about 17 or 18 clubs that I travel with and I'll pull and take a 2-iron out or 3-iron out and put in a hybrid here or there just like the other guys. Other guys might have a four or 5-wood and so forth, depending upon the rough, those are rough clubs that we try to use to try to hack it out. So I don't think that that's unique to the players on TOUR.

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